Fart in a Spacesuit

Captain’s Log   5,709

I had to do something yesterday that went over about as well as a fart in a spacesuit.

fart space suit

I knew this would happen.

I absolutely knew it would happen, but it had to be done.  I felt a bit like the guys in the Bridge Over the River Kwai when they knew all their work was going to be blasted to bits.  You just gotta do what you gotta do.  People might not like you but that’s okay.  You gotta think of yourself too.

Fact of that matter is, I feel SOOO much better now.  My anxiety level dropped about 1,000 levels.  I felt so free that I took a $20 coupon and headed over to DSW on my way home from work.  I despise shopping, but DSW is okay because nobody bugs you.  You find your OWN shoes in the boxes and make your own decisions.  And I did.  I got some black flats, some grey flats, and…….

I treated myself because I fell in love with two pair of shoes that simply had to come home with me.  The gods made me do it.

steampunk boots

Steampunk boots with copper rivets!  On sale!  OMG!

I just had to get these too.  The shoe gods made me do it.  It wasn’t my fault!  They were sitting on a shelf right across the aisle from the boots.  Lonely.  Only one pair left in my size.  I saved them from destruction.

red shoes

Anneke emailed me this morning and said I could now be a pope.  Shoes of the fisherman?

Off to do battle with my staff this morning.  I always know I’m in for a fun time when someone says, “I need to schedule 30 minutes to talk with you.”  That means it’s going to be a bitch session about another employee.  As I said yesterday, I just don’t understand people who take no responsibility for themselves.  This person doesn’t even TRY to get along.  Grrrrrr.  This is the part of my job that I like the least.  But it must be done.  Grrrrrrr.


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19 responses to “Fart in a Spacesuit

  1. susanna

    The boots are rad but the red shoes are beyond rad, they are cosmic! I love, love, love them!

  2. I don’t know which is more awesome: the red shoes or the steampunk boots. I think you need some red steampunk boots next, though. Just sayin’.

    I can’t generally find shoes at DSW or anywhere that sells normal sizes – the opposite of 67andgood. I have extremely wide feet. If I ever become a bazillionaire, I swear I am going to have some custom made shoes, on principle. G hates red shoes, but I might get some just because, lol.

  3. Maryz

    Never heard of DSW. Sounds like a place I’d avoid. But glad your day was made by finding good stuff.

    P.s. loved the Halloween costume from yesterday!

    • poolagirl

      DSW is a huge store that sells shoes just slightly out of style. Big discounts. Lots of selection. Heaven for me yesterday!

  4. Love your shoes. I don’t have much luck because my feet are so narrow….but I used to have all kinds of cute shoes…back in the day.

  5. Patty O'Reilly

    Just click your heels and stay the Hell out of Kansas!

  6. I walked all the aisles in DSW looking for a pair of shoes I could wear, even if I didn’t find some I liked. There was absolutely nothing. At the time, I really needed a special pair of dress shoes, and I found medium heeled sandals for less than $40. I still wear them.

    All the commercials in the world won’t bring me back into that store. Grump, grump, grump.

  7. jo

    Lovely red slippers Dorothy

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