Now THAT Is Funny

Captain’s  Log   5,708

Now THIS is a great Halloween costume!

fifty shades costume

How do you beat that?  The only thing I would add is a glove that says Mr. Spanky Hand.

That’s even funnier than the guy with boxes of Kix taped all over himself whilst brandishing a knife and calling himself a serial killer.  That was funny a few years ago.  A lot of things were funnier a few years ago.

Here is a list of things that are always funny…….

Robin Williams

The Big Bang Theory

Ellen DeGeneres

Listening to college football players give interviews on TV


I’ve been dealing a lot with the concept of responsibility these last few days.  Some people shoulder too much and others none at all.   The simple truth of the matter is this.  We must all be responsible for ourselves.  Our actions, our decisions, our mistakes, our triumphant moments, etc.    Good in theory but sometimes hard in application.


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25 responses to “Now THAT Is Funny

  1. susanna

    Costumes: my granddaughter and her best friend Tommy are dressing as, (he) the old man in the Pixar movie Up with a tennis ball at the end of his cane and she as the Chinese boy scout. She is excited about wearing cool makeup to make herself have a pretty Chinese face. Talk about a mixed message.

  2. The shades of gray costume’s very imaginative. I’m sick of all the ladies’ costumes being “slutty [something]”. It might have been cute once, long ago. Now it’s tedious and overdone.

  3. Valerie

    I told my daughter that she should buy a whole slip (not half), put words on it like regression, Oedipal complex, superego, etc. and go as a Freudian slip!
    I’m going to buy a bag of the sugary candies called Smartees that come in rolls. I’ll hot glue some of the Smartees to the front of my sweat pants and go as a Smartie-pants.

  4. Bec

    I love this so much!

  5. Kelly

    Ohhhh, Sheri did that last year for Halloween…Hilarious love it! hahahah 😉

  6. Charlotte Bolinger

    I would love to see our Pledge of Allegiance end with “liberty, justice and responsibility for all”.

  7. Joanie Benson

    Very CLEVER costume! You reminded me of the Halloween a couple of years ago when I showed up at work as a cereal killer with a bunch of mini- cereal boxes stapled to a shirt with steak knives sticking out of them. The hairdresser next to me (Pat) said “Are you crazy?,,,Did you think about what would happen if you were to have an accident on the way to work???” I felt like such a moron. Can you imagine me going to the ER in this getup with 12 stab wounds? Didn’t even THINK of it!

  8. Patty O'Reilly

    Brilliant costume!

  9. farmgirl

    Amen sister!

  10. Yup, funny. Yup, retired sports anything are just sad. Yes, responsibility is a hard one. Sometimes ya just gotta do it, other times it comes automatically. Then there are the mentally ill folks who can’t do it at all.

  11. Penny Tushingham

    Unfortunately, those who shoulder no responsibility never will. They ride on everyone else’s shirt tails. That is an awesome costume.

    Pen Pen

  12. Listening to football players is sad. The only thing sadder is listening to sports “journalists” who think they are saying something.

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