Knocking and Sucking

Captain’s Log   5,706

I was thinking about Halloween as the night when kids suck on Satan’s sacks.  At least Michele Bachmann said so.  Even though it was a spoof, I still love it.  Maybe it’s the alliteration.  What’s not to like about alliteration? So I was trying to write a song about sucking on Satan’s sacks.  The best I could do was a re-write of Knocking on Heaven’s Door by Bob Dylan.

Knock knock knocking on heaven’s door……


Suck suck sucking on Satan’s sacks……..

I might have a real hit here.  It’s probably time to register my intellectual property.    



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8 responses to “Knocking and Sucking

  1. jo

    with emphasis on Moron

  2. Can you copyright the picture? It’s so believable!

  3. Tacky but funny. Ya done good, lol.

  4. Patty O'Reilly

    It is a sad commentary that the woman has become so wacko that even the spoofs and satires sound real. What scares me most about her is that she sits on the Intelligence Committee. Talk about oxymoron! It also scares me that she has been not only a mother but a foster mom as well, indoctrinating a new generation of skewed thinkers. If she were not attractive would anybody pay attention to her?

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