Feels Like a Miracle

Captain’s Log   5,704

Food poisoning abounds.  Not with me for once.  I can get food poisoned just by thinking about it.  Big Sister Mia is still fussing with her soup, crackers, and Pedia-Lite drinks.  My writing pal Sally got sick last night after the theatre board meeting.  She called me later and said she was grateful for the restroom in grocery store near where we held the meeting.  She would not have made it home.  She had some sort of shrimp pasta thing for dinner.  Must have been the culprit.  We all met at Chili’s because they were donating 15% of our food purchases back to the theatre yesterday as a special promotion.  I spent something like $13 for my dinner and drink, so that was almost two whole dollars going to the theatre!  YAY, big spender!

The meeting was interesting.  I had been a strong advocate for t-shirts ever since joining the group.  That idea was met with nothing but resistance and whining.  “I don’t like t-shirts!  Nobody will like our t-shirts!  I don’t look good in t-shirts!  I am too old for t-shirts!  T-shirts are too expensive!”  Last night, someone new to the group suggested t-shirts, and they took to the idea like bees to honey.  Just like a kid.  If the parent says something, it’s stupid.  If a teacher says it, the idea is brilliant.  I give up.  I just need to bless this whole thing and step away nicely.

It is with a sense of bittersweet affection that I find myself needing to pull away from this group.  I am grateful for the chance to get back into the world of live theatre.  I met some great people and had the chance to direct again….twice.  I also met someone with good writing chops willing to move innovative ideas to the next level.   I needed to polish those skills to move on to larger projects of much greater significance. 

Research for the next project is already underway.  We have collected a library of good materials, we have met with people connected to the dream, we have a liaison in Europe, and we have already pounded out a simple draft of the first scene.  All I can right now is that this one is big.  It’s the biggest and most significant writing project I have ever attempted, and my entire world could change because of it.  No, my entire world WILL change because of it.

I am coming to realize that I am a playwright.  A real flesh & bone playwright.  That’s what I do best.  With eight scripts under my belt, I am confident to say this.  I am not a novelist or an essayist.  I am a playwright and an online journalist.  Some people prefer the term “blogger,” but that sounds clumsy to me.  It sounds like someone trying to dance with buckets on their feet.  Maybe I am just being nocky about this.  Whatever.  I write here almost every day.  5,704 entries since I started 10 years ago.  That’s a huge body of work……not that I will ever use it for anything.  But the discipline and practice of sitting down every single day to add to this page has been invaluable. 

So I’m getting ready to jump again.  I will hang on to my job for the money a bit longer.  Money is nice, but there will come a time when I cannot spend my time working.  The new project will (eventually) require travel and huge blocks of time dedicated to artistic production.  There won’t be time to work.  Nor will there be the need.

I am so ready for this.  I know I should have my sights on retirement, but this project is far too exciting and compelling for that.  This is one of those opportunities that doesn’t feel like work, it feels like a miracle.


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33 responses to “Feels Like a Miracle

  1. Boy, you sure pulled in the responses. 🙂

    Artists never retire. 🙂

  2. And why the SamHill NOT?! Excited for you!

  3. I hope your dreams come to the wildest possible fruition, soon!!

  4. Valerie

    Very, very happy for you. Your excitement was jumping off of the page….uh…I mean screen.

  5. susanna

    Yea! New projects are the only way to go. I’m stoked for you.

  6. Joanie Benson

    EGGS CITING !!!!

  7. Woo hoo! When you open on Broadway I’m taking you down to Katz’s so we can do the scene from “When Harry Met Sally” (you be Sally this time).

    Way to follow that dream, baby. Screw retirement!

  8. What’s too old for T-shirts? I am in my seventies, and I still wear them when appropriate. (I never wore commercial shirts, since if anyone wants to use me for a billboard, they have to pay for the privilege.)

    I also wear hoodies — usually with the UConn logo — so that must make me a dangerous person as well.

    Be careful of people who make excuses rather than stating the real reason for something. (Including “that’s a good idea, but I won’t go along because I didn’t think of it first.)

  9. Penny Tushingham

    Lots of hints but no real facts. When will we be honored with to learn more about your new super project? Ok, so I am nosey!

    Pen Pen

  10. maryz

    Yes, you need to plan for retirement. But what good is it if you still have things undone? As they say, sometimes you need to eat dessert first, just in case you don’t make it to the appetizer course. I know you’ll enjoy your journey. Lots of support from this part of the world.

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