Vegas Soon, Baby!

Captain’s Log   5,703

How did I get so lucky?  Three board meetings in one week!  Massive YAY for that one.  Oh well, I will be going to Vegas in a few weeks, so that’s my current carrot to keep me going.  Vegas baby!  Last week it was the show.  I really need distractions from my daily grind.

We are going with extended family (situation that is way to complex to explain here).  We are going to take in a few fun things.  One show that simply MUST be seen every ten years or so is Jubilee at Bally’s.  It’s the longest running production show in the history of Las Vegas.  I guess that lends credibility to all the strutting around in ostrich feathers.  But it’s fun and weird and somewhat nude.  They have a family version of the show where the women keep their tops on.  We aren’t going to that version.  We have someone rather prudish in the group who needs a reality check, so we’re going to the non-family show.


Good thing feathers don’t weigh much!

I had a friend who used to work in this show.  She explained that the dancers NEVER take off their tops.  Only the show girls do that.  She was a dancer.  She made decent money too.  Back in 2006 (when I knew her), a dancer made about $60,000 a year.  I’m sure it’s a lot more now.  Most of them have college degrees and are classically trained.

We also hope to go see the Neon Museum.  Sounds like fun, but they warn you about broken glass and rusty metal.  Hmmmmm…..  Maybe that’s realism taken a bit too far?  I hope we go.


You can only do this on a guided tour.  I understand completely.  Taking a “trophy” might be just too tempting for some people.

And so it goes.  I took a little test on Facebook yesterday to see which Star Trek character I would be if cast in the show.  I wasn’t anyone cool.  I was the guy in the red shirt who dies in the first scene.  A plebian throw-away character.  Plain vanilla throw-away member of the crew.  Probably didn’t even have any lines so union scale for the day was super cheap.  Indeed.  A nameless guy in a red shirt.  How depressing.  Oh well…..I just need to accept it.  Online tests never lie.

So it’s time to ramp up and get busy with my day.  My Chicago friend is coming into town early for a wedding this weekend.  We are meeting tomorrow night for dinner.  Short and sweet but still nice.  The wedding wing-ding is being held at the Hotel Del Coronado.  Very fancy.  Very expensive.  Very haunted.


L. Frank Baum developed his famous Wizard of Oz characters here.  How is that for cool?


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18 responses to “Vegas Soon, Baby!

  1. Vegas sounds like a blast – including complicated extended family, lol.

    And you are mistaken. You’re not a redshirt. You’re in COSTUME as a redshirt. Everyone knows that 😉

  2. Patty O'Reilly

    How fun! Yesterday you teased us with hints about New Grand Beginnings and today you talk about show girls and family reunions. You will NEVER be a Red Shirt!

  3. I am an old sign afficianado too. You will have a ball at every show. Me? I like the Cirque shows, but I’m just not rich enough to go any more.

  4. Hoping I’ll see you when you get here.

  5. susanna

    This must be how one lives when they don’t have two dogs to walk every evening. I can’t wait for the wedding and the Vegas Trip baby! I’m livin’ large via la vida Paula!

  6. bholles

    What is complicated about me, you, my son, his wife, my ex and his wife. Will be an interesting combo.

  7. bholles

    We will have fun in Vegas as usual.

  8. Penny Tushingham

    the Neon Musuem looks way cool!

    Pen Pen

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