Another Closing of Another Show

Captain’s Log   5,701

orchid 2

Lovely congratulatory orchid from Mage and her darling hub unit, Geezer

It’s over!  We did it!  YAY!  It all worked out the way it was supposed to work out. Commit a huge grammar sin and end a statement with the word “out,” shall we?   I don’t care.  I’m sure you have all heard the old joke about the snobs who corrected a young woman’s grammar.  Read below.

Racine:  Where is your mom at?

Grammar Goddess:  Racine, you never end a sentence with the word “at!”  It is truly bad grammar!  You must think of a way to end your sentence with a noun.  You will appear far more intelligent.

Racine:  (after some thought)  Okay, where is your mom at, bitch?

I love that.  

Grammar aside, it all went off smoother than I anticipated.  Mr. Cannot Remember Lines actually pulled three fairly competent performances from somewhere.  It was impressive.  All the actors made screw ups along the way, but they covered for each other.  Barely noticeable.

Big Sister Mia helped with ticket sales for the matinee and the evening performances.  She was not on top of her game, however.  Must have been the bad chicken she ate on Friday.  Right after intermission last night, I zipped her home and got back just in time for curtain call.

And yes, the infamous watermelon made it to the stage last night!  It’s a long story.  It was a huge joke.  And they got me good!


Bravo!  Well-played cast and crew!

We got the set struck in just over an hour and then we headed off for a cast party at Chili’s close to the theatre.   That was nice, but I was not feeling very well.  I think I was having phantom chicken salmonella poisoning in sympathy with my sister.  I got home and felt even worse.  Fortunately, I got to sleep quickly and woke up feeling fine.  The chicken must have crossed the road.

I handed out paper plate awards at the cast party, and they were a hit.  I personalize something about everyone involved and write it on a paper plate as an “award.”  People love it.  It’s a silly little thing that means so much.    We all had fun (save for one crabby ass who couldn’t have decent fun and be nice if you paid her).  Other than that, it was a smash.   14 of 15 awards were appreciated.  Pretty good odds.  Far better than Vegas.

And now it’s on to another project that requires a ton of research and hours of sensitive and thoughtful writing.  I will be taking a significant hiatus from this group.  It might even be a permanent separation.  Only time will tell.  The only thing I know for sure is that this is the last time I will direct for them.  It’s way too much work and the hassles are intense because everybody is a volunteer.  This may sound snotty, but I am used to working in a professional environment where people are paid for their efforts.  It makes all the difference in the world when that element is present.  People are far less likely to give each other shit when they are practicing a paid craft.  It’s just the way it is.  There is just a lot more respect, and that means a lot to me.

So who really knows what will happen next?  I guess nobody knows.  So it’s important to be kind and attentive at all times.  Be mindful of the path you are walking.


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27 responses to “Another Closing of Another Show

  1. Congrats! Hope you and Mia can rest and recuperate today!!

  2. Congratulations! You came through in spite of difficulties — the sign of a true winner.

    You can end a sentence correctly with “out” if it’s an adverb instead of a preposition, which it is in this case. God Bless Mrs. Scher, who died this past summer at the age of 100.

  3. I hope Mia feels better soon. Give her a hug from me – when she’s better, on the off chance it’s something contagious rather than bad chicken.

    Bravo for a performance well done. It sounds like it was a hoot, despite the volunteers in the crowd. Here’s to a professional future for you, and the smooth sailing it entails!

  4. jo

    I have always enjoyed your performances. No one knows what the staff goes through to get that finished product unless you were there. All the audience sees is the finished play

  5. Joanie Benson

    Lauren, Carmelita and I had a great time at the show. Lots of laughs. For some reason Carmelita totally got the giggles when they talked about wanting to learn how to juggle and going to Clown School. She said it made her laugh because it was so RANDOM. lol Sorry about Big Sis. I’m e-mailing her right how about a recent Foster Farms chicken salmonella outbreak here in Southern Ca, Lots of it at Costco. Had some in my freezer I threw away immediately.

  6. Patty O'Reilly

    “The hassles are intense because everybody is a volunteer.” That is the lament of every non-profit in existence. How to discipline somebody who is not paid to do their job, who is overbearing, who constantly argues, who tries to impose his/her will on the whole group? I have struggled with all of that for years, trying to keep the peace and still get the job done. You know the drill…

  7. maryz

    Leaving triumphant! And on to the next mountaintop. Congratulations.

  8. susanna

    The show was such fun! I enjoyed the enthusiasm and abilities of the cast and I could hear your humor all over in the writing. Everyone was fun to watch but I must ask, did the man in the frame calm down a bit on Sat? ha. I am laughing about the polo mallet. I should have turned to look at your face. ha again. I’m curious about your next project.

  9. I bet you two have a bit of the flu. Have you both had your shots? Did I hug you? Oh dear.

    Yes, a good ending. Not a lot of laughter from the crowd, but we found it a delightful bit of melodrama. We are innocents, and the watermelon went over our heads. Thanks for inviting us, we had a ball.

  10. Penny Tushingham

    Tour adventures are always exciting. Looking forward to following the next one!

    Pen Pen

  11. bholles

    The show was good. I just didnt feel too hot. Still sick today.

    • poolagirl

      Oh no! You really got it bad! Rest up!

      • Maplelicious G'

        Well Poolagirl 🙂 Life experiences is what we all create and even though is is long and dedication makes it all a reality… I say WELL DONE to Poolagirl… I was a prop master (volunteer)lololol in theatre around 10 yrs.. memories are precious neg or pos… tired and retired 🙂 on to new adventrues moment I loved:)

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