Are We Ready? Nope. Not Yet.

Captain’s Log    5,697

It’s the big run for the finish with the show.  Everything starts happening really really fast now.  We have a rehearsal tonight with props, dress, and make-up.  I will probably ask for a double run.  Tomorrow night is a line-run only because we cannot use the theatre.  Wednesday, we move in lights, and then run the show twice.  Thursday is a final dress rehearsal for an invited audience.  We open Friday!

Are we ready?  Almost absolutely.  There is one actor who is giving me fits.  He claims great talent and has had his script since August 24th.  If he is as good as he says he is, he should know every speck of dialogue in that entire script.  He has about 15 lines of dialogue in the entire show, and he cannot remember any of them consistently.  I am just sick about this.  I got angry on Saturday and threw my script on the floor.  I know that was mature, but I am SOOOOO exasperated!  His heart is in the right place, but he just doesn’t get it.  Not at all.  All the other actors have my permission to steamroll over him.  If he forgets something, they just move in and take over the scene.  I don’t care if they leave him standing there with his proverbial pants down.  I really don’t care.  Not anymore.  Everyone else is so good he stands out like a sore thumb.  Good thing it’s a short-lived sore thumb.

I think this fellow must have some sort of severe learning disability.  If he would admit that, I could have an easier time with him.  He must know what’s going on.  He’s an elementary school teacher!  Or, is it possible he is in total denial of his problem?  I also wouldn’t have as many issues with him if he didn’t gloat about how good he is.  That really gnaws on my bones.

Yes, bone gnawing.  The worst thing someone can do is fish for compliments by crowing.  ARRRRGGGH!  Do not tell me you are the best, SHOW me you are the best and keep your damn mouth shut!  I give great kudos to those who deserve it.  I do not give kudos to those who demand it.  I know it’s all about insecurity yadda yadda yadda…..but I have grown weary of that over time.  It drains my soul and actually makes me more angry than sympathetic.  In this case, I feel like I am dealing with a 5 year old child.  It doesn’t work.  Just do your damn job and stop demanding that I pay you compliments.  It ain’t gonna happen.  Not with this.  Not with anything.

We have some newbies in the cast who are learning the ropes very quickly.  They study hard and take direction well. They step up and offer to do things.  And they have NEVER stood there and waited for me to pat them on the head.  And because they don’t demand that head patting, guess what?  I praise them with all my heart.  If you show up and play the game right, you will win with me.  Start demanding or manipulating me, and the game’s over.  I will ignore you.  Not intentionally ignore you.  It just happens because I don’t resonate with desperation.   Some people think I don’t like them.  That is not true.  I just don’t like playing in a dysfunctional sandbox.  And that’s what I have going right now with this fellow.

I spoke with the artistic director about my issues, and she is in full agreement.  This fellow has had chance after chance.  This is a really big opportunity for him, and he continues to compromise the process.  He will not ever be cast in another production with this group.  He can run tech or do stage crew,  but he is not trustworthy on the stage.  She gets to tell him that.  That’s why she is the artistic director.  That’s what artistic directors do.  And that is why I was more than happy to take on the job as director of the show ONLY.  Nothing more.  I am not the one who delivers the bad news.

On a happier note, the project I submitted almost a year ago to the City of San Diego for the 2015 Centennial Celebration of Balboa Park has been funded!  OH MY GOODNESS!  It’s an enormous honor since they only picked 10 projects.  So now, I have to organize and produce a symphonic performance that includes cars.  I shall say JEEPERS!


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22 responses to “Are We Ready? Nope. Not Yet.

  1. PS: We are coming. Glass pac’s….they make a great sound.

  2. You are of very good value, as the Brits would say. Have you got an orchestra lined up? 🙂

    My thought, as the queen of LD’s and the owner of a stroke, is that maybe he doesn’t know he is flubbing up so seriously. Lots of hugs….get a flu shot.

  3. goatbarnwitch

    Congrats on the grant and condolences on the adult child. You know you rock in both roles 🙂

  4. There’s always one in the bunch who doesn’t get it! Hope the play is a huge success in spite of Mr. ImPerfect.

  5. susanna

    You have handled the actor thing to perfection. I was so relieved when Claudia stepped in and kept the ball rolling, it gave me time to get back on my feet and continue with the lines I did remember. Just barrel over him, it’s the kindest thing to do. He can look like a different kind of character and maybe the audience will think his part was supposed to be all about being confused.
    Wow, that is AWESOME, a symphonic performance that includes cars. I like it. Cars have so many facets: rumbling, rolling along, revving, racing, accelerating, the possibilities are endless for a rousing symphonic! This will be such fun for you to compose (with a professional musician?) or maybe just you at home on the piano winging your way into car possibilities. Vondir! Don’t ask me what that means. El Morya says it at the end of his rousing speeches, maybe onward and upward!

  6. Joanie Benson

    Can’t wait to see the show. Lauren and I are coming. Hey, congratulations on your project! Jeepers Creepers!

  7. poundheadhere

    I’m sorry you’re dealing with an overgrown child. Makes you feel sorry for his students, since obviously he has no clue.

    And yay for the impending show! It is going to be wonderful in spite of the spoiled child 😉

  8. Maryz

    Wow on 2015!!! Only two years. Better get to work soon 😎 . Do you get to use the symphony orchestra? And cars? What a toot! ( sorry)

  9. Lord save us from the ones who think they are smarter than the rest of us? Maybe you should offer him eyeglasses? How about a tutor to listen to his lines until he gets them right. No, that wouldn’t work; he would walk out and leave you stranded. So sorry!

  10. Penny Tushingham

    Just like family, there is always one bad apple. Just move forward and have a fabulous show and forget he’s even part of it. It will be awesome I am sure!

    Pen Pen

    Congrats on the winning bid!

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