Captain’s Log  5,696

It’s been confirmed.  The body they found on the Indian reservation on Wednesday is my missing neighbor.  The daughter has been arrested.  I could just sit down and cry.  How sad is this?   There is all sorts of speculation about why and how, but that really doesn’t matter.  A sweet old lady is dead – probably at the hands of her daughter or her daughter’s druggie boyfriend.  I could not even imagine talking back to my mother much less kill her and dump her in the wilderness.  What makes people so evil?

I get really tired when people try to excuse things like this.  I am so damn sick of people who try to make me feel sorry for evil people who claim they do things because of their bad childhood experiences.  STOP STOP STOP!  Nobody had a perfect childhood!  We all had parents who did regrettable things!  We have all been harmed – but not all of us kill our parents or burn puppies.  I just don’t buy the crap, and I get really fed up when people spew tales of woe over and over again about how badly they were treated as children.


I’m sure there will be lots of excuses about why my sweet neighbor lady had to die.  I don’t buy any of them.  None.  My tolerance for such crap has reached its limit.


I am drinking DayQuil straight out of the bottle now.   It seems to help.   Calming the beast.  We have rehearsal tonight.  Hope they will improve.  If not, I am going to swig DayQuil until I don’t even notice the errors.


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22 responses to “Confirmed

  1. poundheadhere

    There’s nothing I can say to bring this lovely lady back. Childhood horrors don’t excuse it. Lots of people have a hellacious childhood, and the thought never once occurs to them to kill family members. Drugs unfortunately remove all traces of normal boundaries and exaggerate every emotion to its most extreme form. Together those facts create just this kind of tragedy.

    I hope you’re feeling better soon. Your cold is beginning to sound less like a cold and more like the flu 😦

  2. How many days have you had this? Perhaps it’s turned into something else? I’d give the doc a call.

  3. maryz

    Sounds like a lot of Dayquil cocktails being invented here. Keep up the good work.

    Seriously, though, I’m sorry for the loss in your neighborhood. How sad for all concerned.

  4. There are multiple tragedies there — an innocent person killed. Someone — may or may not be her daughter — is responsible and will come up with all sorts of spurious reasons that they are not to blame.

    The illogic with blaming one’s actions on a difficult childhood is that the “perpetrator?” cannot explain how anyone else who had a less than perfect childhood nevertheless managed to overcome it and become a decent human being.

    In the days when it was fashionable to blame every fault on one’s parents, I once mentioned to my mother that some attribute that she didn’t like was her fault. She said, “don’t blame your problems on me.” I just had to learn what I could fix and what I had to go around. I never killed anyone, how about that?

  5. goatbarnwitch

    a sick world only gets sicker when people ignore how sick things are. Poor neighbor lady, just horrible

  6. I think we need to be drinking Tequila together. I am so sorry about your neighbor. This is just evil of all kinds.

  7. You need to mix the DayQuil with gin in order for it to have the desired effect. Voice of experience here.

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