Update on My Neighbor

Captain’s Log   5,695

Search and rescue teams might have discovered my neighbor’s body yesterday afternoon.  Human remains were discovered in a remote part of the Barona Indian Reservation .  About 25-30 miles from here.  Forensic work and an autopsy will be done this morning to determine her identity.  I think we all know it’s the missing neighbor.  Her daughter was taken into custody last evening.  Police are still at the house this morning.

This is just horrifying beyond words.  Apparently, the daughter is a convicted felon with a criminal record of drug arrests.  How sad is that?  When they interviewed one of the neighbors last night, she said the mother always defended her daughter and tried to make the best of their relationship.  She loved her daughter no matter what.  And now this.  If the daughter is innocent here, I will be very surprised.

You just don’t think that this kind of crap is going to happen in your neighborhood.  I live in an extremely quiet part of the city.  Car traffic is rare.  People mow their lawns and walk their dogs.  People are friendly but not nosy (thank goodness).  It isn’t a real “neighborhoody” kind of place, but I feel safe and secure.  I know that Febreze lady is watching out for me.  I saw her curtains move to peek at me this morning when I went out to check the bird feeder.  She doesn’t miss a thing.

If you really want to scare yourself, look up the sex offender registry and see how many of these creeps are living close to you.  I guess my whole point here is that you just never know.  There is a big story behind everyone you meet.  Some stories are good and others are bad.  In the case of my neighbor, it’s tragically sad.


We had a horseshit rehearsal last night.  It always happens.  I warned them that I am going to get a lot tougher from this point forward.  The musical director came to watch rehearsal last night, and I think they got thrown off by that.  If they are going to get thrown by an audience of one, I can only imagine them with an audience of 75 or so.  But having a bad rehearsal is to be expected.  It’s inevitable.  I am not too overly upset about it.  They will be fine.  We open next Friday.  We move into the actual performing space on Saturday, and that should give them plenty of time to adjust.

I gave everyone permission to run over any actor who stumbles and falters.  We simply cannot have dead spaces large enough to fit a Mack truck.  I explained it is not rude to do that.  When you jump in and cover another actor, you are actually being kind.  The actor continues to look good up there in spite of the fact that he is falling to pieces.  They cannot allow tons of lag time.  The point is to keep the show moving moving moving.  It’s important for actors to think on their feet so they CAN jump in and re-guide the show if necessary.  I certainly cannot do that for them.  No prompting from the back.  They are completely on their own up there.

It’s also a matter of trust.  That’s a hard one.


Off to the salt mines.  The Corvette exhibit is almost on its feet.  It’s going to be good.  Opens tomorrow at 10:00 AM.


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20 responses to “Update on My Neighbor

  1. Apparently life goes on and bad things happen even when I try to stay secluded in my own little world right now. So sorry about the neighbor; she certainly didn’t deserve that. Hope the rehearsals get better and the Corvette show goes very well.

  2. susanna

    I’m remembering the Wiz, your play, when me (the wiz) gave Claudia (the fairy) a blank look and she artfully jumped in and said my line as a question and then answered it with her line as the answer. Luckily the wiz was a bit of a air-head and so was I…it worked.

  3. poundheadhere

    It may not be a surprise, but it is certainly sad if indeed this neighbor woman met a violent death. Elder abuse is a terrible thing and a lot more prevalent than we like to acknowledge

  4. I was worried it was the daughter. The fact that her other relatives didn’t trust the daughter made me nervous.

  5. Joanie Benson

    Jeez. How awful!

  6. Her own daughter????!!! I am horrified. So sad…

  7. maryz

    What a tragedy about your neighbor. Really sad.

  8. Patty O'Reilly

    I fear your intuition is correct regarding your neighbor. So sad… You are right about long silences on the stage; leap in and cover them! It gives one a new appreciate of the folks who do improvisation. Scary stuff, that!

  9. It always seems to me to be lucky, to have a load of errors before opening night. How else can you know what might go wrong and guard against it?

    And you have Corvette exhibit about to open. You will get some sourpuss that will say, “Oh, they look like planes that have lost their wings.” — Oops, sorry, that would be me, except that I am more likely to stay home and keep my opinions to myself.

  10. Oh sweetie – I am so so so sorry on so many levels. When this shit happens in the world its horrific and when it hits so close to home its doubly horrific. I just want to hug you, Can I?

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