A Day in the Life

Captain’s Log   5,694

More images of an adventure well-traveled.  In no particular order.

london 4

Biker bitch.  This was taken in front of Amy and Kelly’s house after the charity toy drive ride for the Salvation Army.  I had ridden 2 hours on the bike by this time.  90 minutes to the event and about 30 minutes home.    I look like I am twerking because my ass was so sore I couldn’t stand up right.  

This is what happens when you put your foot on the tailpipe of a motorcycle.  

london 7

Believe it or not, I didn’t feel a thing!

We also went geocaching!  Found some good ones.  This was taken in a little concrete shed down a hiking trail near the house.  

london 5

Aptly called Graffiti Cabin.

We moved on the Victoria Park in downtown London.  It’s a gorgeous place!  It has the old-world feel that is missing in places like San Diego.

london 8

I think she is offering him a branch of peace.  Obviously, the world has not yet learned this lesson.

One of the most amazing things about the park is the colony of black squirrels that have taken over the area.  They are enchanting and quite tame.  They love peanuts and will take them from your hand.

london 10

My new pal.  Isn’t he cute?

We also went on a tour of the Labatt brewery.  That was major fun!  Now that they have acquired Budweiser, it’s the largest brewing company in the world.

london 11

Roll out the barrel!  

The tour included a tasting.  I will admit that my favorite out of the five was Bud Light.  Our tour guide taught us how to “find” the hidden tastes in the beer.  Bud Light actually tastes a bit like bananas.  

London 12 

The Three Amigas after the tour and the tasting.

And last but not least, the photo of the hookah bar.  Thanks to Amy and Kelly for sending these photos my way.  Blackmail, here we come!

london 13

Bring on the mango and peach water vapors!  I am such a hard hitter (NOT).  Beer tasting, hookah bar, charity ride, geocaching, poutine, a hockey game, burning up a boot, and feeding squirrels in the park.  A day in the life…….


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20 responses to “A Day in the Life

  1. Hey dear you. They have taken your neighbor’s daughter in for questioning. Good ness gracious. 🙂 They found a body out in barona too.

    • poolagirl

      I know. I heard. It was all going on when I got home last night, but I missed it because the house is around the corner. Heard the full report this morning.

  2. Joanie Benson

    I’m in hysterics about the bottom of your shoe! And the hookah picture is priceless! Have to admit, you make a pretty convincing biker bitch.

  3. poundheadhere

    Nice! But holy moley, your boot! Was that the result of one ride??

    Still can’t fathom the hookah, not even after seeing it.

  4. susanna

    That is all just too much fun. The hookah, hysterical….and kind of jazzy cool too.

  5. goatbarnwitch

    sounds like a pretty good day 🙂

  6. Joel

    When do you get your own Harley?

  7. Patty O'Reilly

    My goodness but you WERE a busy girl! What happened to the Sit Down, Read a Book, and Relax part of a vacation?

  8. Penny Tushingham

    Sounds like the three of you had a blast!

    Pen Pen

  9. That hookah picture is so funny.

  10. I love the shot of you as biker bitch. Great stuff. Your boot is pretty good too. What a day in the life….you got me hooked. Now take your Mia down to the new library. It’s pretty good stuff.

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