Poolie Smokes a Hookah

Captain’s Log   5,693

How could I have forgotten the funniest thing I did when I was in London with Amy and Kelly?  OMG!

They took me to………a hookah bar!  I smoked a hookah!  Me!

It’s just water and flavorings, so it wasn’t any big deal.  I think we ordered peach and mango.  And then we sat there for an hour blowing water smoke.  It was hilarious!  The owner of the place is Crazy Joe.  He was delighted to have three Anglo girls in his bar.  The place is usually filled with non-Anglo men.  Amy took some pictures of me enjoying the hookah, and I am waiting for them to arrive via email.  Get busy, Amy!

Here is a bit about Mr. Crazy Joe. Crazy Joe.

Enjoy the read!


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16 responses to “Poolie Smokes a Hookah

  1. poundheadhere

    I cannot imagine you with the hookah. I just can’t. It definitely sounds interesting!

  2. susanna

    I thought they were tobacco, ugh. Glad to hear you enjoyed your peach and mango puffing. You gals of the 60’s have no boundaries. ha

  3. Joanie Benson

    You little Hippie, you! ha ha

  4. My kids do the hookah thing all the time. They say it’s very relaxing!’

  5. And here I thought my daughter was different because she “vapes.” Water and flavorings — with a bit of nicotine because she is giving up cigarettes. She carries it with her all over, bought a special flavor for her wedding reception. 8)

  6. Can’t wait for that picture.

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