Wine and Surreal Mornings

Captain’s Log   5,685

It’s fun having houseguests!  YAY!  What’s even better is having people who are easy to please.  I puttered around for about an hour on Friday and got the place looking nice.  They were still in Santa Barbara around 1:30, so I didn’t expect them until after I left for rehearsal.  That is exactly how it panned out.  I got home around 9:00 and there was a car with Illinois plates in front of my house!  YAY!

DeAnn and her friend, Laurie, are such nice people.  We talked for a few hours and then headed off for bed so we could go to the famous Grape Stomp at the Bernardo Winery for most of the day on Saturday.  Since I don’t drink wine, I don’t know jack about wineries or wine, but I went along.  I stomped grapes too.  What an icky feeling!  All slimy and gooey and slippery!  But hey, it was fun.  I certainly hope they don’t take what we stomped and turn it into wine.

poolie stomp

We were all supposed to turn in a circle.  Ha!

deann wine

Since real wine makes me ill, I tried some sparkling stuff.  It was good, but I settled for about three sips.  I really don’t drink much.  I was an anomaly at the winery.  I tried to like it but I just can’t.  I really can’t.

Laurie flew back to Chicago today.  DeAnn leaves tomorrow morning.  I headed off to my second job in La Jolla this morning so they could putter and get themselves going.  The fog was intense.  Very lovely.

fog la jolla

Surreal when this happens

I have three days of super packed work at the museum and rehearsal for three nights in a row.  Then, it’s off early Thursday morning to catch that plane for Canada.  Amy just asked me if I want to go to a hockey game.  Hell, yeah!  I am up for anything that doesn’t require me to remove my clothing in public, dance in public, or hang upside down.


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14 responses to “Wine and Surreal Mornings

  1. Or drink wine. 🙂
    You are going to have so much fun that you didn’t see it coming.
    Dinner when you get back? Hugs.

  2. The parameters you’ve set leave room for many possibilities… lol!

  3. I don’t know where you find the energy. Truly I don’t. I’m glad you had time with friends – salud!

  4. Patty O'Reilly

    I agree with Susanna: I pick dancing and hanging upside down. Re: fog photo. Ask Mr. Google to show you photos of California’s Lost Coast. As for Hockey. Sometimes in Canada there is a street fight and a hockey game breaks out… Oh. One more thing; I will do my best to get info on HH80 to you before you head to Maple Leafland, at least enough to OK a draft. Bye!

  5. susanna

    You went to work, entertained, went to a winery, went to second job, have rehearsal for a play for three nights, are flying off to Canada for a hockey game? Girl, I’m so worn out reading about you I think I’ll choose removing my clothes and hanging upside down in public!

  6. RB winery is a favorite place of mine. dont like their wines at all, but i sure like sitting on that patio and pretending i like their wine. hahahahaha. It’s such a cool place. There is a big holiday craft fair there every year. Glad you had fun.

  7. maryz

    Love your fog picture! And everything (except the traffic) is lovely in LaJolla.

    Be careful in Canada. They’re VERY serious about their hockey.

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