4th Anniversary as a WordPresser

Captain’s Log   5,684

It’s my 4th anniversary here with stats on WordPress.  WOW!  Four years ago (actually five but it took a little time) I decided to jump ship and leave home.  My home was Diaryland, and it was the best beginning I could have hoped for.  It all started with Jacob Glass, a spiritual motivational speaker who had a link to Diaryland on his website.  I was cruising his site looking for inspiration when I saw a button labeled MY DIARY.  I clicked and started reading.  And the wheels started turning.  I decided to give it a try.  5,684 entries later, I am still pounding out this drivel.

I met a lot of great people on Diaryland (and still know quite a few).  It was a small site and it didn’t work very well.  It was cumbersome and awkward and you had to pay for any of the cool features or dig up some way to work around the fees.  After six years of fussing and puttering, I turned to WordPress and was instantly smacked upside the head with how easy it is.  It’s just like using Microsoft Word.  And all the features are free.   What was not to love?

I was scared.  It felt like I was really leaving home and striking out for the unknown world.  WordPress is enormous, and I feared everything about my online journal would get lost in the shuffle.  Some Diarylanders were angry with me and refused to follow me to my new site.  Yup, there are always those folks who resist change until their fingernails tear off from clinging to the rocks.  I can understand resisting change for yourself, but resisting it for someone else?  Come on!

I was so insecure that I double entered for a time.  I put the same entry up on both sites.  I guess I didn’t trust the fact that I would indeed grow the wings needed to fly.  Mistrusting yet again.  Making sure sure sure.

four today

That would be YARRRRR to you!

Moving your stats means you have made the jump.  That’s like packing the car, gassing up, organizing the maps, and heading out for the trip of a lifetime.  I closed up Diaryland and committed myself to WordPress.  It was such an insignificant blip on the radar that nobody noticed.  Nobody but me.

Every morning when I sit down to write, I just sip coffee and start.  I never know where it’s going to go.  I certainly don’t plan this stuff.  It just sort of happens.  It’s more fun that way.  If I sat down with a plan I know my mind would lock up and nothing would happen.  


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32 responses to “4th Anniversary as a WordPresser

  1. annanotbob

    Congratulations on your anniversary! I write like that too, just sit down and see what happens but I’m a night owl not a lark and I’m still a diarylander. I have been tempted by wordpress and even started up on here once but couldn’t work it out. here’s to the next four years!! x

  2. Oh I forgot to say happy journalversary Poola! It warms my heart to know that you are always there, with your coffeez in your own personal cyber café, bangin’ out another entry… Always exciting to see what you will be talking about, or photographing, or wearing on your head…

  3. Diaryland!!! What a beautiful sounding place! Weeeeee!!! Sounds like a place of fairies and feather pens! I loved friggin’ clunky ol’ Diaryland! what a community we had! I don’t say this lightly, but I think it saved my life… trying to link back to all my old friends now, get those connections going again, and once again, I have my dear friend, Poolie, to thank for the impetus (kick in the pants) to do so!

  4. poundheadhere

    I liked Diaryland originally, but never got a single response to a request for support of any kind. Reset password not working and login no longer working either? Tough noogies. Site not working, period? No help there either.

    I resisted WordPress for a long time, but glad I made the jump, too.

    Now we just have to harass… er, convince Dangerspouse to make the move. He’d have a ball here.

  5. WordPress is at last accepting pictures easily. Yes, lots of features here are pay. I get ad’s on my pages. I’d rather be ad free. I too started at Open Diary….the first of the diary sites and the first Hive site. When he was trying to raise money, I became a pay person there. Grrrrr….LOL Experience with the internet since 1995, G says, always back up. I have WordPress as my backup, I have word. And at the end of the year I have everythhing on disc. LOL I also have friends who don’t follow me to anywhere. Darn.

    I love your drivel. Did I say that? 🙂

  6. joanie

    Sorry it’s late, but happy anniversary!

  7. I finally gave up on Diaryland too….my blog is sitting there but no one cares. Still doing the double duty with WordPress and LiveJournal. I hate…, absolutely detest…. the new Xanga.2. So glad that I moved when I did.. WordPress still does weird things to me on occasion but I’m sure it’s me making the errors.

  8. Blogging on diaryland was like swimming with a cinderblock tied around your leg. When Andrew quit answering all emails I moved over to Blogger. I was AH-mazed at how easy it was. Remember trying to get photos on d-land? You practically had to invent a camera.

  9. susanna

    I’m so glad you get your coffee and without a plan just sit and see what comes out of that amazing mind of yours. I can imagine the pj shuffle down the hall for coffee and into the office. Your fabulous life, full of activities and creativity and your brilliant ability to put together these little pieces of art (stories, music, clips) on a daily basis are a BIG GIFT that keeps on giving.
    Congratulations on the full 10 years of a fabulous ride for us lucky readers.

  10. Ter

    Happy 4th! My blog is being held hostage in a sense because I started off linking my WP entries on D-land. I was flagged as spam. Lovely! So much of my archives there is inaccessible to me without going through a convoluted process to recover them. I gave up a year or so ago, which makes me very sad.

  11. I am constantly impressed with the writers like you, who manage to come up with a post even when you don’t feel like it. I’d say you have another twenty years, at least. 8)

  12. Patty O'Reilly

    Ah. When I write that’s how I do it; just sit down and see what falls out of the ol’ fingertips! Contratulations of being able to do that, every day. That’s amazing!

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