Rats in Paradise

Captain’s Log   5,681

It was so amazingly hot here over the weekend.  I did my special trick two nights in a row.  Just use your imagination  because there is no way I am going to show you.  Get a bath towel nice and wet.  Fold it nicely the long way.  Place the wet towel from your knees to your neck whilst you are lying naked in your bed under a ceiling fan going full tilt.

All I can say is…..it works.  And it works well.  The water evaporating from the towel has a cooling effect on your skin.  Hopefully, you won’t roll over and “wet” the bed.

Friend Pam came over Saturday night and suggested we go somewhere air conditioned to beat the heat.  Good plan.  We did that.  It was still hot, so we went down to Harbor Island to sit by the water.  Sitting by the water is always pleasant.  The city is lovely.  It’s great to watch the sailboats coming in for the night or the cruise ships leaving for Mexico.

Lovely people who are staying in expensive hotels on the island stroll by in their designer clothing.  Ahhhhhh…….


Night walking in paradise?

We sat down on a bench to enjoy the view.  About five minutes later, Friend Pam asked, “What is that thing next to the bench?  Is that a rat?”


There was a rat less than three feet from me, munching on trash near the bench.

I literally flew off that bench.  Enough!  No more sitting on the damn bench!  The rat took off for the riprap along the edge.  It skittered away with rat-like ease, spewing disease and pestilence in its wake. 


I said we might be safer if we kept walking.  We walked.  Rats don’t jump out at people who are walking.  Apparently, the reserve that for people who choose to sit on benches.  We sat down on another bench (at Friend Pam’s insistence, not mine).  Within a minute or two, I spied another rat peeking at me from the rocks.


Next to snakes, rats are the WORST things ever! 

San Diego is swarming with rats at night.  The travel brochures don’t say that, but once the sun goes down, they are everywhere.  Well, they are everywhere they can find food.  With so many people having picnics during the day on Harbor Island, the rats have a feast.  Several months ago when the airport was under construction, an enormous horde of rats found its way into the building and terrified passengers waiting for night flights.

We have had them in the museum (living in the ceiling in the lecture hall).  We had an exhibitor who insisted on coming down to “visit” his car every day.  He kept cookies in the glove box.  Bingo.  We got rats because the building is old and there are easy places for them to enter.  Once the rats started eating his upholstery, he got the message.

So off to another week filled with rehearsals and work.  I have a high school friend and several of her pals spending time over the weekend.  The Saturday plans call for us all to visit a winery and stomp around in tubs of grapes.  Since I don’t drink wine or even understand wine, this should be an interesting experience.  I plan to take my Kindle in my purse.

Speaking of Kindles, Big Sister Mia is the proud owner of a new Kindle Fire now.  We went shopping yesterday and decided it was best for her to spend $159 on a Kindle Fire instead of $349 on an iPad.  She is slowly being dragged into the digital age.  She will be able to play games, check email, look at Facebook…..and just MAYBE she will actually try to read a digital book.  Wonders never cease.


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26 responses to “Rats in Paradise

  1. I have no kindle, but I saw a rat as big as a housecat in fancy downtown LA.

  2. I downloaded Kindle software to my laptop and my Android phone. Haven’t tried it on the phone yet but I can see myself with a Kindle reader. It might actually be a really good thing, since I occasionally like reading after G’s gone to bed and the light bothers him big time.

  3. annanotbob

    All my friends who are keen readers have kindles now, as do I, and we’ve lost the passing around books we think each other might like. We’re all old gits, so without the sight of the book face down by the side of the bed/chair, none of us can remember who or what we’ve read. Apart from that it’s brilliant, but that’s a big loss. Rats – nasty. xx

  4. maryz

    Yuck on the rats, of course – but, of course, they are everywhere.

    Hope Mia likes her Kindle. I hate it when I have to read a “real” book now. Just give me my iPad.

  5. Since I don’t buy books, I really don’t use my Kindle much. I download the free books sometimes, but , meh, it’s just not the same.

    Hate rats, hate snakes, hate bats.

  6. Patty O'Reilly

    Interesting factoid: rats eat upholstery. Who knew?

  7. joanie

    EEEEEK! One of the most terrifying scenes that I’ve ever read was in George Orwell’s “1984” where Winston get put into the “face cage” to make him comply, in which his face went in one end and on the other end was a wire gate facing into a box of starving rats, whilst his tormentor described what would happen if he were to lift the gate. I still have nightmares! Sorry if this spoils the ending for someone who hasn’t read it. (AS IF)

  8. Oh, yuck! I haven’t seen rodents in years. (Except a woodchuck the kids named Cosmic Charlie, some thirty years ago.) Somehow, they didn’t come into the Cheesebox.

  9. goatbarnwitch

    Kindle Fire is very good. I love mine and although there are certain books I will own bound and beautiful, I am perfectly OK with digital books. I can take as many as I want anywhere I go 🙂 I hope Mia enjoys hers.
    As for rats, they are everywhere but most people don’t see them. They are very crafty and good at survival

  10. Penny Tushingham

    You have the most interesting experiences at Harbor Island with wildlife!

    Pen Pen

  11. Well, if Mia is anything like me….she may add free books to her Kindle but she won’t read them. It just isn’t the same as holding a book in your hands and seeing the cover. Even on an airplane, you have to turn it off when leaving and returning so you lose a lot of reading time.

    But it’s better than having a rat share your space….
    Did RH ever tell you how he and his police partner used to shoot the rats near the river in our town when they were bored. Probably why he qualified as a “sharpshooter” when he had to take his tests…

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