Flaming Pins

Captain’s Log   5,680

Rehearsal went well.  Everyone is really excited, and that is a wonderful experience to behold.

We made a change in the script for reasons I will not address here.  We changed the death of Mr. Supplick Ahnt from a car crash to a juggling incident.  He enrolled in clown school to learn juggling, and someone filled his flaming pins with too much oil.  They exploded.  BANG!  No more Supplick Ahnt.  His wife, Francesca Flamboy-Ahnt pretends she had nothing to do with it.  But she did!  Aha!  Will that be a factor in the murder investigation of Cole Daid Bodde?  Hmmmmm….


Just when he thought he had it all handled…….

The show also touches on the perils of lactose intolerance.  That can have an amazing effect on people.  But will it lead them to…..snuffing out the lights on the town’s biggest asshat? Hmmmmm


This show is just too much fun.  It’s probably illegal to have so much fun.  I’ll have to look into the local laws about that.


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11 responses to “Flaming Pins

  1. Death by flaming juggling pin? Dastardly…

  2. You’re having fun now – the audience has to wait, lol. Bravo, in advance!

  3. Well, thaat was just what I was going to ask. Wow…the names have great depth. Make sure the Onion reviews you. Now I am having fun too.

  4. I’m glad you arfe having too much fun. Somebody should!

  5. Patty O'Reilly

    Yup, you are definitely having too much fun.

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