Where Have They All Gone?

Captain’s Log   5,678

Another one of my favorite bloggers is shutting down her site because of nasty lurkers who make her life miserable.   I have had my share.  Fortunately, mine have all gone away over time.  Some lurkers make a game of it and turn what should be a pleasant writing experience into a nightmare.

One of the most noteworthy lurkers was a young German woman with her blog named after the German word for peach – pfirsich.  Nice name.  Truly nasty young woman.  She went after my friends for anything and everything.  She was always accusing them of being bad parents, being stupid, being fat and lazy, etc.  She said she would be happy if their children were taken away from them.  She went after me in a truly weird way.  She said she wanted to have sex with my frozen hair by the fireplace.  I had written about going outside in a Minnesota winter with wet hair, and that obviously sent her some sort of signal that I would be receptive to her humping my frozen locks in front of a roaring fire.

How many ways can you spell EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW?

I went to bat for my friends and kindly asked her to stop with the bullshit.  She wrote back and claimed that she did not understand English well and that everything she said was a mistake.  She promised to be nice.

She was never nice.  She came back with a vengeance.  Worse than ever.  

So….with a little internet snooping help from a few friends, I was able to track down the location of her ISP.  She had written a few entries about a flower shop where she worked.  Lo and behold, the ISP tracked to a small town in Germany.  More snooping revealed only one flower shop in the village.

So I went back at her.  I stated the facts.  I knew her name (from the store’s website), I knew where it was located, I knew the name of the mayor, yadda yadda.  I told her point blank (in a message translated into German) that I would expose her nonsense to important people in her community unless the crap stopped immediately.

Guess what?  

It stopped immediately.

She still lurked around for a time, but she never left anyone a hateful or disgusting comment again.

Online journaling was a much bigger deal several years ago.  Now, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are taking the place of good writing.  So many people simply post crap and leave it at that.  I miss good online writing.  I am saddened that so many have chosen to replace their good work with something as banal as Facebook.

Yes, I love Facebook.  It’s fun.  But it’s not this.  It’s not sitting down and composing something from the heart.  It’s not even close to mediocre journalism.

So yes, I miss my friends who have fallen off the radar.  We had some good times.  For those of you still out there, thanks for the sense of community and connection.  You mean the world to me.  Even with nasty lurkers and stupid people who say bad things, it’s still important to write.  Write through the crap and let your words take flight.



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25 responses to “Where Have They All Gone?

  1. jane

    I seem to be one of the 90% I start blogging but can’t keep it going. I still geocache and read your blog but must confess to being addicted to FB!

  2. I can’t not blog. Even if I try!

  3. annanotbob

    Ha! I’ve been too far up my own nether regions to either post much or read anyone else recently and this is what I find on my return! I’ve not (yet) had any nastiness in my comments but have had signs that since my daughter’s decline there have been new readers attracted by the ‘misery memoir’ aspect which has served to (almost) silence me. As you keep a clean-spoken house I won’t repeat what I feel like saying to them – but they can go somewhere else. In the end, though, things always change, there’s an ebb and flow to everything, but it’s sad when favourites who have brightened our days give up. Glad you’re still going xx

  4. Maryz has the right of it. Me….I treat my blog like facebook these days. Friday Lite today. I did write a miserable poem this week.

    Soooooooooooo…I’m up, I am showered, and I am off to work as best I can. If it is only for an hour, sobeit. 🙂

  5. Officially not lurking.

  6. goatbarnwitch

    Although I am so often too busy to write a blog entry I still read my friends daily… sometimes I wonder if I wouldn’t be more apt to find time to write if the blogosphere was what it once was… I wonder if those who have stopped writing regularly still read or if FB has become enough…. it makes me sad sometimes because I received so much from the circle of friends I found through blogging – and I still do from those who remain. As for the low life that has always been out there… they are cowards who act out because it is safe to do so where they feel anonymous… silly things

  7. Joanie Benson

    Lurker. It’s one of those weird words the more you think about it.

  8. I couldn’t agree more with the sentence, “I am saddened that so many have chosen to replace their good work with something as banal as Facebook.” I still write, tortured and contrived as it is sometimes, because there’s real joy in crafting words, and real artistry in the results (sometimes). Good writing is more than merely conveying information, it’s an end in and of itself. Unfortunately, writing is also more of an effort than hitting a “Like” button or adding a quick quip to the latest viral ‘topic du jour’. And that seems to be the deciding factor with many previously prolific – and often massively talented – bloggers. (Remember Uncle Bob? That guy should have had a Pulitzer on his mantle. But he was one of the first to jump ship. Same with Dancing Brave, a polished TV series writer who’s skill shown through with every entry. So sad.)

    BTW, why do you keep your frozen hair by the fireplace?

  9. Hooray for the regular posters! Where would we be without their insight? I learn things from my daily writers/readers all the time. (We do tend to be both, don’t we?)

  10. Honk if you never wound up with a mouthful of faulen Pfirsich.

    I still blog, but less frequently. My writing energy is going into another project, and my updates do, indeed, go on Facebook.

  11. A big portion of those are spammers.

    And I remember pfirsich! She hit my place a couple of times too. I think I just stopped reacting but deleted all her comments. It’s no fun if you’re ignored, lol.

  12. maryz

    Obviously, I don’t lurk – I show up on your doorstep.

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