Ohio Monster is Dead

Captain’s Log   5,677

So the Ohio monster who kept three women hostage for ten years – who raped and beat them – who put them through unspeakable horror – has killed himself in prison.  I don’t think anyone is too sad about that except the researchers who had hoped to study him as a classic example of a sociopath. I watched his final statement he made before he was sentenced.  It was truly amazing.  He really didn’t think what he did to those women was violent.  He blamed it all on his sex addiction.

What a crock of shit.


Stinky and I don’t believe that for a second

I am tired of people using their past to create excuses for the present.   In a way, I could have understood it more if he had been honest and admitted that he did what he did because he was a mean, sick, twisted son of a bitch.  But he chose to lie.  He tried to say the sex was consensual.  He tried to say he was not a violent man.

It’s over.  He’s gone.  The world is a bit safer now.  Even though he was locked away and could not harm anyone, it’s still a better place without his evil energy sitting there taking up space.  Maybe I’m just getting older, but I don’t handle this stuff with any sort of loving kindness anymore.  Those women were victims.  He used them.  I am glad he’s gone.


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20 responses to “Ohio Monster is Dead

  1. One part of me is pragmatic enough to be glad taxpayer dollars won’t be expended to support him for the rest of his life. Another says he shouldn’t have gotten off so easily. There is and never will be an excuse for the atrocities he committed, that goes without saying; but I also can’t help wondering at the fact that we would cheer over a suicide, regardless of the circumstances. Does that reflect a little bit of monster in all of us?

  2. goatbarnwitch

    Starved and beat the women to cause miscarriage…. That’s not a monster???!!! Good riddance and may his Karma assure he is placed in a life that will bring him clear understanding of what he has done (sorry, I don’t mean that in a nice way either)

  3. His timing sucked. If he was really depressed, he would have killed himself *before* he kidnapped anyone.

  4. Sometimes Karma comes around faster than we had hoped….but if only he had suffered the rape and abuse from his fellow inmates that he caused those young women…….but I’m glad the taxpayers are not paying for his food and shelter any longer.

  5. Jean

    Well said !! Now the lawyers r saying he should have been protected and watched while in jail. Wonder what that will cost the state !!

  6. joanie

    Ding Dong the wicked witch is dead.

  7. Those women and the child.
    Personally, I wished him a miserable life in prison. Frankly.

  8. l'empress

    The girl were imprisoned for years. He was in prison for a few months. But I can’t find a morsel of forgiveness for a person who not only abused, but never stopped himself. I can’t find one good reason why he lived at all.

  9. farmgirl

    clap clap clap

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