Bringing Down the House

Captain’s Log   5,676

Having online friends is such a blessing.  They enhance your life in ways that are inconceivable until you experience it for yourself.

I have lost three people that I felt a great kinship with over the years.

cosmicrayola……..the hot-headed little grandma from Rhode Island who made us all laugh.  I spoke to her on the phone many times and even edited her book.

awittykitty……intelligent and funny artist from upstate New York.   Late night phone calls punctuated with stories and jokes are things I will carry with me forever.  Her original painting of Johnny Depp hangs in my living room.

hissandtell….the Aussie diva of naughty stories and clever insight into the strange and odd things we all do.  We exchanged so many emails and funny gifts that my head is spinning.  She even arranged to have me speak live on Australian public radio about the wildfires in southern California.

And now I want to focus on another old friend I met on Diaryland.  She doesn’t write anymore, but she is still near and dear to my heart.  I met her through someone else through someone else through someone else.  Typical way things get done in Cyberland.  When I met her, she was a photographer/journalist for the army (user name was bluemeany).  Stationed in Iraq, she wrote amazing stories about life there….its dangers and its joys.  I sent gifts (including one of the infamous HMS Pie Rat baseball caps).  She sent gifts back.   We had a grand time.

After her second tour of duty, she moved to California and hooked up with a fellow in a rock band.  The band swung through San Diego while on tour, but we missed a chance to have breakfast.  She will be the first to admit she was hung over and could not face sitting in a booth over eggs and coffee.  I understood.  Perfectly.  I was young once too.

She doesn’t write online anymore, but we still connect through Facebook.  She has become quite the anti-war activist AND she is working hard to make it as a professional singer and songwriter.  I should not have been as surprised as I was this morning when I opened up the Huffington Post and saw her featured there.  She has picked up the cause and is taking it as far as she can.  I bless her.  I have attached a photo and a YouTube clip of a song from her latest album.

Hope you enjoy getting to know this brilliant and funny young woman who has restored my faith in humanity.


Eight police officers take down my pal for playing her banjo in the wrong area of the park.  I am so glad she fought back.  She is a war veteran who went to Philly to protest the US involvement in Syria.  She should know.  She’s been there.  For two tours of duty.

And now for your listening pleasure……..


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18 responses to “Bringing Down the House

  1. She’s a winner indeed, Bravo to her. I wish she had the time to keep writing. So glad you can connect with her on Facebook. You have been blessed with online friends.

  2. susanna

    I wish I knew what Emily knows. I want freedom for all countries and tend toward “helping” but there are many ways to help and God as my witness a very right wing fellow came up with something on TV that I agreed with. Yes, The old man Duncan Hunter and I were on the same page for a moment. it blew my mind but a good idea is a good idea no matter where it comes from. You have opened up a treasure chest of amazing women. I miss Hiss and the others also.

  3. These magnificent women make my life pale in comparison. But it’s mine and I work through it day by day with occasional moments of laughter and smiles…..The tears fall sometimes too but are quickly overwhelmed by good friends with words of encouragement and love.

  4. I’m glad she fought back and appalled that our freedoms have been reduced to levels comparable to the Vietnam war era. I hope the national news take up the call and rip through the BS to tell the truth. Sadly, knowing as much as I do about the big media, I doubt any will have the balls to handle the truth.

  5. Patty O'Reilly

    I love Emily, too!!! Thank you for introducing all of us to so meny fascinating people.

  6. I loved me some bluemeany, and I love Emily Yates.

  7. Penny Tushingham

    You are so fortunate to have so many incredible people in your life!

    Pen Pen

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