Farewell to Miss Hiss

Captain’s Log   5,675

Yesterday was a kicker.  I am still reeling.

I was told last night that a dear friend passed away several months ago. She wrote under the name of hissandtell. Her work was hilarious and her stories were outrageous fun. She had a huge soul and zest for life that went beyond measure.

When her husband and I were talking last night, he explained that she had pulled away from the online world when she got sick. He didn’t go into detail, but it appears that she developed a weakened immune system. She had a heart attack on June 23rd at their cattle ranch in Queensland. She died instantly.

I will miss her so much. We had hours of fun sending emails as quickly as text messages….sending each other outrageous gifts across the big pond. I learned so much from this woman. So many things. The world is dimmer now with her gone. I hope I can carry just a bit of her light around to make things better.

Farewell, my friend. Farewell.


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28 responses to “Farewell to Miss Hiss

  1. susanna

    I didn’t know she had died. Sometimes I read your entries backwards. The girl was a genius; the most creative being ever. I am so glad you turned me on to her diary way back when. I was always delighted and amazed by her stream of consciousness that just bursted with the wildest most outrageous stories ever. She was a fire cracker that one.

  2. joanie

    What a beautiful tribute. What a beautiful girl. What a smile! I’m so sorry you’ve lost a friend.

  3. I wore all my shiny stuff to work in her honor.

  4. goatbarnwitch

    The YouTube made me cry. Hugging you from NY

  5. So sorry to hear of Miss Hiss’s passing. xxxx

  6. I wondered why no one had heard from her in so many months. Now we know. We’ve lost too many wonderful souls from the blogging community already, but Miss Hiss leaves a massive hole in her absence.

  7. farmgirl

    I am sorry. I hope she keeps on visiting you from the hereafter. Sounds like the kind of woman who just might do that!! Thinking of you!

  8. How wonderful you had a friend as wonderful as that. Hugs .

  9. I am sorry to hear that you lost such a good friend. They are hard to find, aren’t they?

  10. Patty O'Reilly

    Oh, I am SO sorry. I just finished writing about a friend I miss terribly. I fear it is just a sad, sad day. But thank yoiu for posting the video so that we could all see her brilliant smile. It gave all of us a peek into her life and it was easy to see that she left a gigantic mark on all who knew her. I envy all your lovely memoruies…

  11. She was one of the only writers I ever read that made me say “Damn. My stories SUCK.” She was me, but with more wit and a better rack. I’m wracked with sorrow to hear she’s gone.

  12. I remember seeing her name on the list of D’land writers, but somehow I never looked in.

    I am sorry you lost a friend, as well as all the other people who read her diary. I know that losing an online friend hurts just as much, even if you never met face to face.

  13. Maryz

    I know you’ll miss her. Hugs!

  14. jo

    I am sorry for your loss, P

  15. Sorry to hear about Hiss. You had such fun with her.

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