Coke Whips and Miley Cyrus

Captain’s Log   5,673

So the strikes by fast food workers have begun.  I wish them well.  Nice to see political organizing at the grass roots level again.  I enter a fast food place MAYBE three times a year (usually for a shake), so this boycott will not inconvenience me.  I do, however, support the cause.  Fast food workers deserve a lot more money than they earn.  I pass two large McDonald’s restaurants on my way to work, so we shall see if they are out in force.

Minimum wage in the Netherlands is based on age.  For example, someone 15 years old makes $581 a month.  Someone over the age of 23 makes $1,942 a month.  That might sound like a lot, but the Netherlands is a VERY expensive country.  Everything costs money.  I only saw free parking at the grocery stores, but in a such a small country with so many people, it’s only fair to charge for parking – everywhere – and all the time.  Eating out was also expensive, but when you consider that tax and tip are included, it wasn’t that much more.   Clothing and shoes were out of sight expensive.   

The minimum wage in Australia is about $2,279 a month.  That sounds great, but things cost a bundle there too.  Hissie used to tell me how much it cost them to have a snack at McDonald’s on their way back from the coast.  One cheeseburger, two large fries, and two cups of coffee set them back more than $25.00.  So I guess it’s all relative.


Let’s talk about Miley Cyrus now.  I must.  At least once.  I have been cruising the net, and this is the best I can come up with after scouring the online professionals.

“I’ve got a heart that will never be tamed” – Miley has a cardiac condition and does not believe that treatment is available.  If she is speaking metaphorically, then she does not abide by convention and thinks that trying to do so would be futile.  Never tamed may refer to an impulse control disorder or, at the least, attentional difficulties.  She may have adult ADD/ADHD.  Sidebar, I tried to take an adult ADD test online, then quit paying attention midway through.

And that is the first and last time I will ever speak about Miley Cyrus…….unless she comes over to my house for veggie spaghetti or a Coke whip.  A Coke whip?  I somehow think she might like anything with the word whip in the title.  Actually, it’s very tame.  You put ice cream in a glass, add Coke, and give it a good stir.  Then you pour it into a nice glass.  If you are making this in a restaurant, you can charge a shitload of money for it.  And if you are making this in a restaurant, you had better pay your employees well, dammit!

I knew I could figure out a way to tie my ideas together.  One of the benefits of having a pinball mind.

coke whip

Whip it!  Whip it good!

I somehow managed to tie Miley Cyrus together with burger flippers.  Less than six degrees of separation.

This guy can PLAY pinball with his mind.


Pinball wizard doesn’t need his supple wrists

It’s a lot easier if you can just carry with you.  Trust me.




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19 responses to “Coke Whips and Miley Cyrus

  1. Fast food workers and custodians. Boy do they need raises.
    I’d never had a thought about Miley before this week, and I will happily let that thought fly away while I take my morning walk.

  2. joanie

    Miley, Miley, Miley. All those years of making your family proud…out the window. I guess you’re just trying to prove to all of us that you are no longer the sweet and innocent Hanna Montana. We get it. You can stop now. Just ask Lindsay.

  3. I will eat a McD burger – the regular ones, not the ones that they promote to high heaven and back – if my stomach is upset. The pseudo-food seems to calm an iffy tummy for me. Otherwise hubby and I prefer other fast-food places, or better yet finding a hole-in-the-wall local spot for breakfast, which is our favorite meal out anyway.

    The child in the teddy bear outfit and bad hair deserves pity, and that’s all I’ll say about it.

  4. Maryz

    MacD has good coffee and clean restrooms. 🙂

  5. Coke whips sounds a bit like what we call a “brown cow” only made with root beer i.e. root beer float. Whatever…..
    When I am starving, a McDonald’s will do.
    And yes, I do have more than one blogsite now….some of my former blog friends are on Livejournal and some are on WordPress so I just copy and paste…..My postings on Xanga don’t show up on Facebook any more but the Livejournal and WordPress both do. Sorry if you got confused!

  6. Patty O'Reilly

    ONLY MacDonald’s food EVER: a (gag) hamburger in Alamagordo, NM where it was the only place open. Got hot chocolate once in Homer, Alaska. Tried to get some in Colorado a few years later only to be told that MacD’s does not sell hot chocolate and never did. Turns out they ONLY do in Alaska, where milkshakes are downright stupid 9 months of the year. Makes sense to me.

  7. I keep saying people don’t think. What’s worse is that wizard, who obviously can think of something, thinks only pinball.

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