Orange Crate Scooter Disaster Averted


Captain’s Log   5,672

It’s been a long day already and I still have 8-9 hours to go.  Ugh.  I had hoped to cut out early on Friday but someone has scheduled an appointment for me at 4:00.  Who schedules appointments at 4:00 on the Friday before a 3-day weekend?

The morning meeting went well.  People were intrigued with the orange crate scooter.

orange crate scooter

Zippity Do Dah!

I took a spin on our orange crate scooter before we attached it to the exhibit box.  The whole experience lasted about 8 seconds or less.  In that short amount of time, I went from:

Confident – Of COURSE I remember how to ride these!  The kids across the street made them and we rode them all the time!

Exhilarated – This is GREAT!  I can almost feel the wind blowing through my hair and the smell of leaves burning in the fall!

Scared Shitless –  DAMN!  I am going to break something if I don’t jump off NOW!

I stumbled off the scooter and spun my arms like windmills to keep from face planting on the exhibit floor.  I think if I had attempted to ride in the parking lot, it would have been a better experience.  Our inside floor is a bit slippery and the wheels had absolutely zero traction.  It was like ice skating on roller skates.  Imagine.  If you will.

Two more meetings today and I can go home.  I should get there around 9:00.   I think I will settle in and read more of the book that has been selected for the club.


Interesting tale of genetic research, a mysterious death, and women in the Amazon having babies well into their 60’s.

You just never know what can happen to those reclusive research scientists who work in jungles.  So far, the book is excellent.  I will consider it a late-evening treat to kick back in sleepy pants and a tank top, Kindle in hand, iced tea on the coffee table.  Sounds divine.


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20 responses to “Orange Crate Scooter Disaster Averted

  1. joanie

    Re: Scooter Riding: Isn’t it weird how sometimes our brain says yes and our body says NO!

  2. Continue to stay off that scateboard with a box. If you had played in the parking lot, you would be sporting a vast amount of road rash today. Your words capture my imagination tho….wind in my hair indeed.

  3. Maryz

    What woman in her right mind would want a baby at age 60?!?!?!

  4. Enjoy your orange crate scooters, but only way I’d ride them is if you turned ’em into orange crate wagons, with battery power and a steering wheel.

  5. Patty O'Reilly

    That resonates! I tried roller skating in a rink after a 40 year absence and found the floor had evidently been polished with snot. My daughter thought it would be FUN. She was WRONG!

  6. Maryz

    Back in Torrance. Glad we had such a fun evening. How bad was the free day? We went to botanical garden, Timken museum, and natural history museum. Fun visit!

  7. Valerie

    Seriously, you’re right! Who makes appts. on 4pm on Friday of a holiday weekend? Jeesh!!

  8. As always you have way too much fun……but I’m glad you share it with the rest of us. Talked and thought about you “bunches” during the past 2 weeks….

  9. Penny Tushingham

    It’s an orange day for you. Orange scooter crates
    and a good that was Longlisted for the Orange Prize in 2012. Will tomorrow be your lemon day?

    Pen Pen

  10. Stay off those scooters.

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