Mary and John Z Came to See Me!

Captain’s Log   5,671

It was quite a day.  The capper was getting to meet Mary Z, her lovely hub unit John, and several other members of the family for dinner and then a concert in Balboa Park!  I met Mary through other journalists.  We started to read each other and we clicked.  She and John both participated in the Fifty Shades of Grey contest I ran here last year.  Good sports!  They stopped by the museum last year for a few minutes, but this year we had a lot more time.

They are both intelligent and funny.  I had a grand time!  We had hoped to go to the Prado for dinner, but it’s closed on Mondays.  So, we went to the Japanese Friendship Garden instead.  I think it was probably a better choice.  Half the price and no fussing.

I love meeting people I have met in Cyberland!  I guess I have met about……30 or so by now.   The Journal Con experience here in San Diego back in 2005 was truly weird, but I did meet a few folks.  I have been to several other less formal gatherings, and it’s quite remarkable.  People really ARE who they appear to be in their online journals.  Well, except for the infamous case of catfishing that was going on with the mysterious movie star man named Michael.  He had me fooled for a bit.  Some people were not fooled at all.  One person was completely fooled and was ready to move all the way across the country for him.  And yes, he was a fraud.  A giant fraud.

But Mary Z is the real deal.  So is John.  Truly lovely people.

Mary z

The lovely Mary Z from Chattanooga, Tennessee

john z

Funny Mr. John Z who is a laugh a minute

The concert was interesting.  It was held at the world-famous Spreckels Organ Pavilion.  It’s one of the world’s largest outdoor pipe organs.  Last night was supposed to be jazz and blues.  It was sort of that.  There were a lot of things on the program that did not even come close, but it was fun.  The concert included the carillon bells being played from the Museum of Man.  They used Face Time on iPhones and a projection screen to make that happen.  That was impressive.

Here is a rendition of Blue Moon done by a lady organist who dressed like a mermaid.

So it was a great night!  I love meeting good people.  


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17 responses to “Mary and John Z Came to See Me!

  1. Meeting cyber friends is always a blast and yes – we are all pretty much the same in real life as we are online. With the exception of the notorious Michael, who is his own ball of messed-up.

    I haven’t met as many cyber friends as you have but I do have you topped on one level – I married one of my cyber pals a few years back, LOL.

  2. Maryz

    Valerie, I go to Great Clips, #4 clippers on the side and back, scissor cut a little more than 1 finger breadth on top. Cheap too. Glad you like it.

  3. It’s always fun to meet cyberspace people … the Hubster and I sure had fun meeting you!

  4. Valerie

    I want Mary Z’s haircut – love it…

  5. Hi Mary Z….waving. I shall go her way later. Oh, yes, I have missed those concerts this year. You can see us there next year. Yes, too, thanks for the note….went up hill around the block today. A first.

  6. Maryz

    It was a great evening! Thanks for the good photos. I can’t believe we got to meet twice in a year.

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