Mia Smiles

Captain’s Log   5,670

It was quite a weekend.  Let’s just leave it at that.  Full of ups and downs.  Sometimes this thing called life throws you a curve ball.  You have to deal or you simply cannot cope.

The scripts are finished, printed, bound, and delivered.  As predicted, the person we thought would pose problems has already started.  Sally nipped it in the bud.  Hopefully, the process we set up for “discussion” will dissuade him from further suggestions to “improve” the show.  We haven’t even read through the script once and he’s already doing this.  GAAAAAAAA!

Big Sister Mia and I went to see The Butler.  Loved it even though all the critics say it isn’t the real story.  Poop on them.   It was worth the price of admission to see Jane Fonda play Nancy Reagan.  Truly.  Forest Whittaker is amazing.  So is Oprah.  Mariah Carey as a sharecropper is a bit hard to believe, but she only has about 5 seconds of screen time, so it was okay.  The story is used as a vehicle to teach about the Civil Rights movement in this country.  Nothing wrong with that.  The butler started working for Harry Truman and didn’t leave his job until the Reagan administration.  That is a lot of presidents!

The movie devoted a lot of time to the Freedom Riders.  It’s hard to imagine the disgraced (and now former) mayor of San Diego as part of that movement.  But he was.  Even served two months in the Mississippi penitentiary.    So I guess if he goes to jail for his sexual harassment of women, it won’t be a new experience for him.  Sorry for the sniping on this one, but it still puzzles me how someone so devoted to doing the right thing could end up like Filner.  I guess power corrupts.  Even the nicest and brightest.

There was some sort of weird display in the movie lobby.  I talked Mia into posing.  As much as she likes to do that.  LOL!

barb in car

She is actually smiling as opposed to showing her usual grimace.

My sister has the best hair on the planet.  She always has.  She was always the child who was cooed over and fussed over because of her pretty hair.  She was smart and cute too.  There are books and books of pictures of my sister doing everything.  Oh look, Mia is breathing!  Oh look, Mia is sitting on the steps!  That kind of thing.  Once the next child comes along, I think parents burn the camera or throw it down a well.  I can only imagine what the youngest child of the Duggers will feel like.  The kid could go live with the neighbors and nobody would know.  But it’s the way it is.  For those of us who follow the first-born, we have come to accept our fate.  We try harder.  And when we become adults, we realize that everyone has done their best…..even us.  And it is all good.  I love my sister.  And I love to tease her.

Busy week ahead.  A blogger from Tennessee is in town and we are going to try to spend some time.  Maybe this evening if it all works out.  Really looking forward to a 3-day weekend.  Typical of me.  I look forward to holidays.  The more, the better!


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25 responses to “Mia Smiles

  1. None of my kids had baby books except maybe my oldest, and if he had one it’s long gone. We ended up with a few pictures of the kids and before anything more happened to them, we folded them into a 5-DVD photo album, along with a few pages’ worth of family history I wrote out. I did that for the kids for Christmas and will be adding to it this year if at all possible.

    I think the kids honestly would have preferred that to their baby books, though I wish I had those to pass along, too.

    Considering I average at most 1-2 movies a year most years, I tend to hold off and see them after they hit HBO, or until I can rent them at Redbox. I don’t especially enjoy going alone and G isn’t a movies kind of person, so I try to schedule time with one of my daughters, whenever the other grandma has the baby boy of the moment, lol.

  2. Valerie

    Loved the movie. Interesting when the movie got to the Camelot era and after to be able to remember the events from my own perspective and experience them through the perspective of the butler. Hopefully thought-provoking for some of our younger friends who didn’t live through it. Seeing the (very) brief references to the Viet Nam protests warmed by little rebellious heart.

  3. I haven’t seen it yet… was waiting for the reviews first.

  4. Patty O'Reilly

    First child: Baby book crammed full of deathless prose, congratulatory cards, snippets of hair, photos. Second child: 3 photos, 2 cards, sparse notes. Third child: His name is in it. The IMPORTANT DOCUMENT is the little green book recording immunizations, illness, injuries, and surgeries. That’s the full book, ages 1 thru adulthood. Scary to look at it even now.

  5. Oh, I forgot; say Hi to Mary for me. 8)

  6. bholles

    I know I was so spoiled.

  7. G says that he did do some good in his life. LOL We are still harping too.

    Yes, we marched a little but frankly I was intimidated by the cops and military watching us. More anti war marching here at NTC Main Gate. All that time we were already on Nixon’s bad guy list.

  8. Don’t get me started on being the oldest, followed by (1) a boy and then (2) a cute little girl. As time went on, I was closer to the boy…

    The most important thing about “The Butler” is what young people are saying: “Did that really happen?” Those of us who remember are REQUIRED to repeat the stories so that everyone knows. (It’s in the readings for Passover; different story, but the requirement remains the same.)

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