You Say Donut, I Say Cronut

Captain’s Log   5,666

Oooh!  What an ominous number for this post!  666!  But I am not askeered!  Just let the devil try something with me!  Just try it, devil!

I don’t believe in the devil.  I believe in human-created evil.  I don’t believe there is some fallen angel entity out there waiting to spear us with hatred and toss us into the eternal flames of damnation.  Actually, that would be GOD who does the flame tossing.  The devil apparently just provides the opportunity.  It is the all-loving and benevolent GOD who does the tossing part.  Doesn’t sound very benevolent or loving to me.  Just saying.

I had a great time with the book club ladies yesterday.  Nobody really liked the book, but we still had fun.

mirrored world


I guess her other books are better.  This one is about an empress who likes cross-dressing parties, an opera-singing eunuch who marries a lady, and St. Xenia, one of Russia’s most revered and mysterious holy figures.  St. Xenia was loonier than a hoot owl and used to walk around dressed in rags and carrying bricks on her back in the middle of the night.  The sex scenes with the eunuch were pretty good.  Too bad he died of consumption on their way back to Italy.  I hate when that happens.


Crazy St. Xenia and her bricks.  She also had a penchant for cemeteries.  

I like cemeteries too.  I wonder if I will be a saint someday.  I think it odd that the Catholic church often canonized schizophrenics.  Anyone who ran around hearing voices was considered saintly.  I thought I heard someone call my name at Home Depot the other day.  I must be saintly.  Better keep an eye on this.

The best part of yesterday’s meeting was the introduction of cronuts into our vocabularies and our lives.  Amazing!  A cronut is a hybrid between a croissant and a donut.  Flaky and fine.  Rich as can be.  No nutritional value whatsoever.  And we loved them.  The vanilla was far better than the chocolate.  The chocolate was covered with run-of-the-mill chocolate donut icing.  Nothing special.

Would I ever order this again?  No.  They are too intense for me.   But it was nice to experience the hype.


I think you would have to be a donut lover to really appreciate these to the maximum enjoyment allowed by law.  Fortunately, I am not.

Off to a busy week.  I skated a bit last week and only worked four days.  Not going to happen this week.  Not by a long shot.  Oh well, this is why I get the big bucks.  LOL!


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15 responses to “You Say Donut, I Say Cronut

  1. Like I said on FB – no thanks. They really don’t even look appealing to me. Regular croissants, yes. Donuts, very rarely. Chocolate-frosted donuts, no thanks.

  2. I can’t remember the last time I had a donut. Probably in San Francisco at a work meeting.
    Had a roommate, when I was much younger, who worked at Dunkin. I got over donuts that year. Really haven’t wanted one since.

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  4. Patty O'Reilly

    Bricks and Eunuchs and Cronuts. You are One Interesting Writer. As for Cronuts: $5 EACH for No Nutritional Value. People are nuts.

  5. Oh, well, we who are “allergic” to sugar and extra carbs firmly believe that doughnuts don’t exist. (Unless they’re the work of the Devil; that’s possible.)

    I eat the occasional croissant, flaky and buttery. But I have no trouble passing these up.

    As to sainthood, I have this feeling that the real saints are here among us, if we’re observant enough to notice them. It’s not so strange that you hear your own name in a crowd.

  6. Oh, how I love donuts.

  7. Penny Tushingham

    I understand they were introduced in NYC and people would wait in line for over an hour and you were limited to two for $5 each. Glad you had the opportunity to try one.

    Pen Pen

  8. bholles

    Those look wonderful.

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