Birds on Hiatus and Starbucks Gets Zero Money From Me

Captain’s Log   5,661

It was a weekend full of things to do.  I had about 15 minutes when I wasn’t busy – but that’s okay.  It was all good stuff.

The sad news is that I had to put my birds on hiatus.  The damn pigeons discovered the feeders, and they were everywhere.   It’s not good having pigeons that close, so I stopped feeding for awhile.  Just the hummingbird feeders are going right now.  The pigeons reduced by 50% the first day.  They 50% again.  I believe they are gone now, but it makes sense to wait about a month to be sure of that.  I feel like a schmuck for not feeding the finches, but I don’t want to harm the pigeons either.  From what I read on the internet, you can either stop the food source or you have to shoot them.  You know I could never shoot a bird, so I opted to remove the food source until they get bored and move on.  The finches will survive.

Speaking of shooting……  I will never set foot in a Starbucks again.  Never.  After their idiotic campaign to encourage gun owners to carry weapons into their stores……..I have had enough.


What kind of idiocy is this?

Have we become such a fear-based culture that we have to carry weapons into coffeeshops?  This makes no fookin’ sense to me.  None.  I don’t allow guns in my home, so why would I want to go have a latte and sit next to someone with a firearm?  Why?  Starbucks had made so much progress with their equal rights stand, etc.  And now they have back-tracked at least 40 years.  I’m sorry.  This really disturbs me.  What’s next?  Lynching in the parking lot?  Maybe that is a harsh over-reaction, but this makes me angry.  Angry and sad.  It seems like the entire country is turning into the state of Arizona.

I don’t want to live around guns.  And I don’t.  My home is a sanctuary against violence and so is my heart.  Starbucks is violating that sacred space that I love to enjoy when I go out for coffee.  

I take political stands all the time.  It’s my own private and spiritual way for standing up for what I believe is right.  It may not appear to make a difference, but it does to me, and I count for something.  No guns, no illegal drugs of any kind, no cigarettes, no disrespect or violence.  

On a happier note, I went out to the movies with my sister on Saturday.  We saw the new Woody Allen film, and it’s a winner all the way!  Cate Blanchett plays Jasmine, a wealthy socialite who loses her wealth, her family, and eventually her mind.  She is brilliant!

blue jasmine

Excellent film! Blue Jasmine

Our mayor continues to lie and appear to be clueless about the effect he is having on our city.  It’s sad to see someone who really stood for something once upon a time turn into something like this.  I hope it’s over soon so we can move on.


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10 responses to “Birds on Hiatus and Starbucks Gets Zero Money From Me

  1. We noticed the lack of birds after we didn’t fill the feeder last week. Oddly they seem to survive…and why wouldn’t they when everyone around our area had feeders out.
    Sorry about Starbucks….glad I don’t drink coffee…..or carry a gun.

  2. Valerie

    As my friend Jim said about Starbucks: Just what you want, someone over-caffeinated whose carrying a gun. I cannot fathom why they think it’s a good business decision to allow guns. I hope everyone e-mails them about it. I’m going to do it right now!!

  3. The mayor: Did you see the latest figures? (she says shaking her head.) This guy is unbelievable. Yes, I bet if you found the source of food for the crickets, you could get rid of them too. LOL

  4. bholles

    Sorry about the birds.

  5. It is amazing that (1) he doesn’t seem to have broken any laws, or at least not chargeable and (2) you have no mechanism in place for impeachment.

    These men make me want to kick ’em. I couldn’t reach their heads, but I could reach their brains.

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