Photo Essay and Bad Cheese

Captain’s Log  5,660

I had a grand time at my afternoon/evening meeting yesterday.  I was all set to go in there and throw up my hands and suggest we all jump off a bridge – but the meeting was crackling with energy and ideas.  Just what I needed.   My faith in humanity has been restored.  We are going to do an event – just not the event we had been trying to plan.  We are going to do something far less labor-intensive and a lot more fun.  At least I hope so.

Because the stupid Chargers were playing last night, I had to wait to find a window of opportunity to get home.  I live just up the hill from the stadium, and if I approach from the “wrong” direction, I cannot take my short-cut through the hills and avoid the traffic.  The game started at 7:00 which meant I needed to get home between 8:30 and 9:15 for the best chance of sailing through unimpeded.

That meant I needed to kill some time before I headed westward for home.  A good way to kill time is to have dinner with someone fun.  And that is exactly what I did.  Patty and I decided to dine together.  We decided to try On the Border.  I had never been there but I like Mexican food.

on the border

I guess another name for “on the border” is “marginal”

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not one of those fussy types who carries on about food.  I always order right off a menu and never ask for things to be changed or made special.   I am an easy dinner companion.  I hate to say this, but the enchiladas were…….horrid.  I am not a sophisticated eater, but even I noticed how much they sucked.  The cheese tasted like hard Velveeta.   Maybe they added wax so the damn stuff wouldn’t melt.   The sauce was so intense that I scraped it off.  I ate my dinner  because I was hungry.  But that was it for me.  I won’t dine there again.  No offense to dear Patty who ordered something much more palatable.   I liked the chips a lot.  They were the size of kites and were very light and crispy.  So it wasn’t all bad.  The company was far more spectacular!  And that made the evening for me.

On the Border specializes in these.  Maybe I should have had one.

beer margie


I managed to slip home at the right time.  Zipped up the hill, closed the door, grabbed a book and finished the evening in a literary and blissful haze.

I got up this morning and felt compelled to post photos of colorful things in and from the gardens around my house.

flowers 3

Snowbush under my bedroom window.  Magical!

flowers 2

Truly lovely rose

flowers 4

Rosemary bush.  Touch it and you will want to smell your fingers.  You can get other people to smell your fingers too!  LOL!

flowers 5

Orchid.  I was too close for good focus but I love it.

flowers 1

Roses and wooden dancing man.  My living room smells fantastic!

I just realized that the guy who lived across the street with the infernal barking dogs has moved away.  So silent around here now!  Lovely!  He used to let them bark until 11:00 at night.  Now it’s quiet and lovely and I can leave my windows open when I go to bed.  It’s always the little things.


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15 responses to “Photo Essay and Bad Cheese

  1. That snowbush was sooooo beautiful. I bet it won’t live in Indiana ~ guess I need to check on that. So glad you had a good day and got home in time to enjoy a book and your garden.
    Sorry about the Mexican food. It’s not my favorite either but there’s an awesome little restaurant where my sisters live and I hope to go there next week! Yah!

  2. I always wanted one of those wooden guys. Or the wooden hands. Or the wooden poseable horses of the same style. I could say that they are for artistic reference, but really I’d have then just because they are cool.

  3. Lemons, rosemary, roses and snowbush. Your garden sounds more heavenly all the time 🙂

    Our back yard is officially landscaped but the “landscaping” consists of a patch of grass, some hibiscus and bougainvillea and another bushy flowering plant I don’t know by name – and a lot of rock. I’m jealous, lol.

  4. So sorry about the food, but I am gloriously happy the company was great.

  5. Kelly

    oh my that rosemary bush is incredible!! that is my all time fav. i grow it here in a pot but nothing like that…wowzers, Okay – that’s it, I’m moving out to SD. LOL Rosemary and lemons! what more could you ask for…hehe

  6. Patty O'Reilly

    Here goes:
    1. Jett is right; I had forgotten about SD Mission Road…which is odd since that is where I worked when I learned that route.
    2. Thank you for the compliment; I had a ball, too.
    3. Yes, I was hungry, too…which was fortunate, since it was, indeed, mediocre. But the server was lovely and we had time and space…
    4. I LOVE rosemary bushes, especially indoors where you can smell them anytime you wish.
    5. It WAS a spectacularly GOOD meeting. Wait’ll you tell Jett all about it!
    6. I’m done. Nice pictures. You’re a fun date!

  7. jett

    All you have to do to avoid the stadium traffic is take the Mission Gorge exit off I-8 and left turn on Twain (name changes to SD Mission Rd.) then up stadium hill. I did that yesterday at 6 pm– the peak of Charger fans trying to inch their way into the parking lot — and I happily just zipped right along – no stopping, no problems.

  8. Maryz

    Roses and rosemary…can’t beat that!

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