Sewage Shout Out

Captain’s Log   5,656

Look what has taken up residence in my bird sanctuary!


Yellow-hooded oriole!  YAY!

He and his wife have been attacking the hummingbird feeder with force.  One of the little flower plugs is missing from the feeder, and that is exactly where they go to dine on the nectar.  It is so amazing to watch them!


Muted only in color.  She is a tough little bird!

The hummingbirds are trying to scare them away, but that’s not working too well.  To keep everyone happy, I hung another feeder with smaller holes just for them.  So far so good.  They are sharing the neighborhood.

Speaking of neighbors……  The people who live next door called a plumber in at 5:30 this morning to snake out their main line.  I have no idea what was stuck in there, but there was a lot of hollering.  Things like “WHOA!” and “Man, take a look at THAT!” were emanating from behind the neighborly fence.  I was awakened by the sound of whirring and men shouting about sewage.  Nice way to start a Monday.


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20 responses to “Sewage Shout Out

  1. I’m not sure if I should cheer for the birds or hold my nose over the sewer debacle. Nobody but you…

  2. jane

    Beautiful birds!

  3. Beautiful pic! We have a lot of yellow finches. They love my purple coneflowers!

  4. Flat out stunning birds. Now I can visualize them when you talk about them.

    What? You didn’t put on your mu mu and go join the fray?

  5. Charlotte Bolinger

    Thank you for sharing your yellow-hooded oriole. As they say in the UK, that photo is “smashing”

  6. susanna

    Gorgeous bird. I have doves outside in a little nest created by herself as they were using a little unsafe area and I enlarged it and enclosed it halfway so they can have privacy. Baby is close to leaving so we are all watchful.

  7. jett

    We had those birds nesting at Steve’s house just down the street from you. 2 sweet baby birds were born in the closed umbrella on the deck. It was fun to watch momma bird fly in & prance around with worm or spider in her mouth until she thought the coast was clear to fly up and feed her young’ns!

  8. Hopefully you will never find out.

  9. Penny Tushingham

    Well, at least they were snaking it out and it wasn’t overflowing into your beautiful new yard!

    Pen Pen

  10. bholles

    Hopefully you will find out.

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