Bad Boy Joffrey

Captain’s Log   5,655

I am still loving it.  Game of Thrones has me spellbound.  And yes, I am STILL reading!  Plodding through 5,000 or so pages.  It’s so delicious I don’t want to devour the books too quickly.  Nice, short chapters make it easy to savor.  I read more of the book this morning whilst standing over the stove boiling potatoes.

Joffrey has to be the most deliciously wicked character written in a long, long time.  Can you say Caligula?


Oooh!  Roman bad boy!

Joffrey is purely evil.  There isn’t one nice thing about him.  A total sociopath.  And he’s only thirteen years old.  Considering the life expectancy in the Middle Ages, that’s not to soon to become a crazed and depraved bastard king.  He is the product of consensual incest.  Just like Egypt, only different.

joffrey 2

Little son-of-a-bitch!  Look at that pursed mouth!  You just wanna slap that smirk right off his face.

The actor who plays Joffrey is really a very sweet young man named Jack Gleeson.  He is a total geek like me.  

jack gleeson

Sweet boy cuddling a puppy rather than torturing it to death (as Joffrey would definitely do).

I went to see Mage and her sweet hub last night.  They loved the vegan dinner I brought over.  She was up and walking a wee bit (to the bathroom).  It was nice to see that progress.  The skunks and the blue jays were entertaining us by snatching away the peanuts and crackers that people leave out for them.

Okay… more chapter with Joffrey before I take off to see Joanie, Hairdresser Exceptionale.


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11 responses to “Bad Boy Joffrey

  1. I miss a lot of shows by not subscribing to the pay channels. I got into the Tudors (not the historical porn part) when we had the free month, but then lost the last season (which I’ve mostly caught up with via other measures).

  2. One of these days, I am coming back to San Diego and Joanie is cutting my hair…….Don’t know when but it’s in my future plans.

  3. I’m glad to hear Mage is doing well on her recovery. I hope that trend continues!

    And yes, Joffrey is a real little prize winner, isn’t he? I haven’t had the chance to read the books yet, but hopefully will soon. The story line is convoluted, crazy and positively addictive.

  4. Oh, exceptionalle dinner. Thanks from both f us. You tempt me to realize life beyond the walls of this nursing homer. You are delicious yourself. Now..;.how’s the hai?

  5. joan

    Your buddy brought you a lovely photograph. It wss so gorgeous that I thought it a painting!

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