Writing is the Name of the Game

Captain’s Log    5,653

Writing writing writing……that’s the name of the game.  Loving it beyond measure.  It’s fun to have someone to write with.  Sally started out in a chair behind me in the office and eventually ended up on the floor with a sofa cushion.  It’s hard work but we don’t mind.  Not as long as you have enough sofa cushions.  I know we would do this a lot faster if we could get together early in the morning, but that is not possible.  That nasty thing called “the job” gets in the way.

We start the process with dinner.  How fun is that?  We eat and work – and then have coffee.  Once our brains are devoid of coherent thought and we get punch-drunk silly, it’s time to call it a day.  I think we will have half the show written by the end of tonight’s session.   Auditions are Friday, August 16th.  Plenty of time.  I have already built the rehearsal schedule too.    24 sessions.  If they can’t get this in 24 sessions, they aren’t going to get it.  Dialogue is funny and succinct.  Nothing is rocket science hard.  Some people wanted three more weeks of rehearsal, but that’s just insane.  I am not willing to work that hard for something so damn easy.

And so it goes.

I wish I was someone like Charles Kuralt.  I really want another road trip.


On the Road.  God!  What a lucky guy he was to travel around like that for so many years!  He got to meet great people and see amazing things!  I want to be like Charles Kuralt (except I want to keep my hair).

The early days of television were amazing.  I know.  I was there.  One of the favorite shows in my house (in addition to Bonanza and Gunsmoke) was the Lawrence Welk Show.  Lawrence was quite old-school and conservative, but every now and then he tried to be hip.  In the video below, he thought he made a hip choice.  Obviously, poor Lawrence did not have a CLUE what this song is about.  And neither did anyone else.  Or…..if they DID know, they just let it go on the air as a huge joke.  This is one of the funniest things I have seen in a very long time.


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11 responses to “Writing is the Name of the Game

  1. joanie

    LMAO! I can see where they might have mistaken this for a “modern spiritual”. After all, it does have the words “Sweet Jesus” in it. By the way, the announcer with the accordian and all the throat clearing kind of sounded like he was one toke over the line.

  2. I would love the opportunity to travel, too, but only on my terms. I need to come back to home base to recuperate in between long travels. Not sure how that came to be – Saggitarians are supposedly all about the travel. I think it’s a case of first nature giving way to long-term life, lol.

    Lawrence Welk was awesome. That example was hysterical, and it wasn’t alone. He (and apparently his crew) was sweetly clueless.

  3. Doing what you love. That’s what it’s all about.

  4. Even I know there’s something wrong with that song. But the neighbors who enjoyed it so would never have known. “Modern spiritual”?!

  5. Penny Tushingham

    Did you know that Charles Kuralt’s favorite place was Montana. He had a cabin on the Yellowstone River plus a mistress for 17 years not that is part of what he loved about Montana. Sure hope you visit again soon!

    Pen Pen

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