Never Too Old For Abba

Captain’s Log   5,652

So………..after the theatre meeting and a cup of coffee with my co-writing partner in crime (it is a murder mystery we are writing after all), I headed home and cranked up Abba on the stereo.  As I was cruising down the avenue on my way to the freeway, I stopped at a red light.  Waterloo had just come up on the playlist, and I was rocking out in my seat.  Windows down.

“Waterloo!  I was defeated, you won the war…….”

I glanced over to my left to see a San Diego police officer in his squad car looking back at me.  He smiled and said……”Abba!”   I gave him a thumbs up and we both started off safely down the street when the light turned green.  It was one of my better police experiences.  Certainly a lot better than the time an officer came in and grabbed my employee’s face for no good reason.

It’s nice to know cops like Abba too.  I don’t know anyone who does NOT like Abba.  What’s not to like?  Then again……last night I suggested that the theatre do an Abba sing-along next year as a fundraiser.  It was received like tepid tea by one of the board members.  “We are too OLD to sing Abba!”  I didn’t know there was an age limit on singing some of the greatest stuff ever recorded.  I was singing along in my car just fine last night.  Having a ball.    I guess this is why some people age and others don’t.

This is the mix I was singing to last night.

Bad lip syncing but who cares?  They look so cute in their space-age costumes.  And Bjorn’s guitar!  Wahoo!  Bjorn is six years older than I am and he is still singing Abba songs.  Hey!  If Bjorn isn’t too old, neither am I!  Dammit!  They are ALL older than me!  They are older than the board member who said we are too old!

Age is an issue of mind over matter.  If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.    Mark Twain


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10 responses to “Never Too Old For Abba

  1. I wish that poofy hair would come back, because that is what my hair does naturally when the weather is humid. And I need a space age costume.

  2. I love ABBA and also loved Mamma Mia because of all the ABBA song’s….Money, Money, Money, Take a Chance on Me, Waterloo…..Now I need to find my CD and play it loud…!

  3. Lip syncing? That wasn’t live?
    Oh my god, you’ve discovered my deepest, darkest shame – I love ABBA too! And not just because of Benny’s silver boots (which I still wear). My favorite song is one that I think may have only been released on a “Best Of” compilation: “I am the City”. Hand me down my white bell bottom jumpsuit and get out of the way!

  4. You’re never too old to sing anything as long as you can still hold the tune. Mostly I sing when I’m alone, because other people don’t like my kind of music.

    Still, you had me there for a minute. ABBA. When I saw Abba, I thought it was about someone’s father; abba is Hebrew for Daddy. A little knowledge can be a PIA.

  5. Penny Tushingham

    Your never too old for Abba!

    Pen Pen

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