Poolie Buys a Mumu

Captain’s Log   5,651

I went to see Mage last night after work.  Her beloved Geezer was already there.  They are so sweet.  She had just eaten what looked like a truly horrid meal.  The dregs of butterscotch pudding were evident.  You know a meal is bad when they serve bad butterscotch pudding.  I decided right then and there to bring them a real dinner on Friday.  I am booked solid until Friday evening, but they assured me they can wait that long.  It will be vegan fare from Loving Hut.  Good stuff.  I might even spring for a piece of the weird green cake they serve.  It doesn’t taste like much but it’s green.

green cake

My attempt to eat a piece last time we went there for dinner

Mage is visited by so many critters right outside her patio door.  Last night right before I left, this guy came waddling out of the bushes.


No fear!  Too busy looking for bugs.

We weren’t that far away from him when we took the photos.  He didn’t even glance up or give a care about what we were doing.  Staffer bees bang on windows to shoo him away, but to no avail.  He owns the side yard and that’s it.

I bought myself a mumu at Ross the other day whilst shopping with Big Sister Mia.  It might technically be a caftan, but I prefer to call it a mumu.  I bought it to toss on when I get up in the morning to go outside and feed the birds, etc.  Truth be told, my yard is so secluded I really CAN go out there in the buff if I choose.  And yes…..I have done that a few times.  But it feels weird.  Hence, the mumu.  Wow!  That’s got to be the best line I have written for a long time!  Hence, the mumu!

I have no intention of ever showing anyone my mumu.  It’s a private thing.  When I have a houseguest, I will wear a robe.  Or…..here’s an idea.  Dang!  Since the mumu only cost $8 at Ross, I could go back and get like…..four of them!  That way, we can ALL wear mumu’s around the house.  Better yet, I could get like…..TEN of them!  That way, if I have a bunch of people over to play charades…….YUP!  You get the picture!  Ten people sitting around in brightly-colored tents that are all slippery and shiny.  I can just imagine the fun.  It could morph into a drumming circle.  I have enough incense.

I really like thinking outside the box.  To some people, it’s just a mumu.


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21 responses to “Poolie Buys a Mumu

  1. I wore a muumuu twice: for a skit my first year of teaching (will never publicly sing again without a lot of beer) and for Halloween (w/ curlers in my hair). I still have it. It’s bright, colorful and very flowery.
    When I bought it at W’mart, the cashier gave me the stink eye. Maybe she was jealous I had a super cool muumuuuuuu and she didn’t?
    Wear that muumuuuuuu with pride! 🙂

  2. susanna

    Being an egalitarian I like the idea of all wearing mumus whilst (we’re all using that word now) playing charades. I am easily distracted and may loose points for my team doing a “what not to wear” on the presenter.
    Have you twirled in your mumu yet?

  3. Muumuu’s are awesome. Gloriously tacky, but awesome. I don’t like the shiny ones though; I prefer all cotton ones. They cost a little more and SO worth it.

  4. Jean

    I love the idea of company mumus….lol….I can picture it !!!

  5. I have muumuus too……So when I visit next, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours! FOFLMAO!

  6. Yes, I will read the book on friday…..what joy to see you yesterday. Joy, joy is what we see now when we look at yoou

  7. Did you give her the book?

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