Bully Bully

Captain’s Log   5,650

I went to see Mage yesterday at the rehab center.  Since Big Sister Mia and I were out for the day doing things (errands, eating, movie, etc.) we decided to stop on the way home and popped in.  Big Sister Mia really likes Mage and wanted to wish her well.   She’s in a very nice facility with wildlife just outside the door.  Birds, squirrels, and even a skunk.  Not so keen on the skunk but apparently it’s been there awhile so the relationship is good.  Mage has had some visitors which is good.  Her hub unit is such a dear one.  We are all going to make sure that Mage’s two-week stay goes by quickly.  It is our goal to keep her entertained.

She is determined.  I love that about her.  Just a week before her surgery, she made it all the way through Comic Con!  The entire Comic Con!  Days and days of Comic Con!  Nothing stops her.

geezer and mage

George and Mage strutting their Steampunk stuff

Geezer & Maggie

Mage and George geocaching with me about a year ago

Smiles are the best.  Gotta love smiles.

Big Sister Mia and I also went to the movies in La Jolla yesterday.   The AMC did a complete remodel and added custom HUGE seats.  The tickets cost the same but the movie experience is quite amazing.   Just up the road is another theatre that has done the same thing, but you get waited on and served and stuff.  You can get beer, rosemary potatoes, cream puffs, etc.  Where we went yesterday was the place with just the big seats.  I thought it was great.  Big Sister Mia is too short and her feet didn’t touch the floor.  The seats recline but she didn’t like that either.  Oh, Mia!

amc la jolla


We saw Fruitvale Station.  It’s a true story about a young black man named Oscar Grant who was shot point blank by a police officer at the Fruitvale Station in San Francisco.  There had been an altercation on the train, and the black men were pulled off the train and made to sit on the sidewalk.  The movie highlights the last day of Oscar’s life.  He was killed without cause or need for deadly force.  It had already been established that the young men were not armed.  The officer contends that he “mistook” his pistol for a taser.  Don’t think so.  He was found guilty of second-degree manslaughter and was out of prison in just 11 months.


Travesty of the American justice system

Racial profiling is a huge issue.  It happens in my neighborhood all the time.  Every single time I see a car pulled over, the driver is always a young black man.  I never see a white guy standing outside the car talking to a cop.  Not in my neighborhood.  I have the seen the police in this town try to control people by scaring them.  It happened right inside the museum one day when an officer forcefully grabbed one of my employees by the face, pushed him against the door,  and told him to shave and look respectable.  My employee was trying to tell the cops where the drug deals happen over the lunch hour, and that is how he was rewarded.

Don’t EVER get in the way of my pups!  I was SOOOOO mad at that cop!  I told him to get his damn hands OFF my employee immediately!  I told him if he found the need to grab someone by the face for no reason, he should grab mine.  I wrote down his badge number and handed the paper to another employee.  Then I told the cop to grab MY face.  I really scolded him.  I told him he had quite the nerve for coming into my place of business asking for cooperation, and when we offered that cooperation, he manhandled my employee.  

The next night, we had a car club meeting at the museum, and the regional director of community services for the police department was there.  I told him about the face grabbing incident, and he was saddened and shocked.  He told me he would take care of it.  We never saw Officer Face Grabber in the park again.

Why did my employee have his face grabbed?  Because he is young and looks like a punk.  He has a large beard and wears black t-shirts.  After checking the Constitution, I have not found out how that violates any laws, but Officer Face Grabber had other ideas.  He profiled my employee.  I hope he profiled me as a crazy bitch who was willing to stand up to him on the mezzanine of the museum.

It’s not the first time I offered to fight a bully at the museum.  One other time, a guy sneaked in a rabbit during Free Tuesday.  When confronted, he insisted it was his “service bunny.”  He made a huge fuss and wanted to punch out someone’s lights.  I got called in to diffuse it.  I smiled, told him none of my employees were allowed to fight, and then offered to fight him myself.  I proceeded to take off my watch, hand over my phone and keys, etc.  He shrieked and asked me what I was doing.  I told him I was getting ready to fight.  He was shocked and appalled!  He told me it wasn’t “right” for me to do that.  When I asked him why it was “right” for HIM to do that, he stomped off in a huff with his bunny under his arm.

I hate bullies.  Two ways to handle them (depending on the situation).  Stand up and get in their face or simply walk away from the situation with no regrets.  I have done both many times in my life.  One thing I will never do again is let a bully make me cry.


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12 responses to “Bully Bully

  1. Valerie

    Rat bastards!!!!!!

  2. Oh, Jesus, you just made me laugh out loud. I can just SEE you getting ready to fight. Love it!!!

  3. Susanna

    Poolie you are definitely a first ray person. Have you heard that expression? I learned about it studying the Ascended Masters. The first ray is a bright blue ray and it’s full of warriors for good of course. They step up when needed and are a grand bunch working for the good of the world. Sounds like science fiction but I will tell you a story some day about how I was helped by them and those of the first ray by golly.

  4. I love it when you are quoting (even if you don’t know you are) one of my rules: never let a bully make you cry. Actually, when we worked for one of those fools, I told the women, don’t let him see you cry, even if you have to spend an hour in the ladies room till you’re over it.

  5. Oh Poolie…..I’m sorry that you have those types of people get into your life when you try to keep it all zen-like. Unfortunately a lot of cops get that attitude that they are bigger than life itself and can do and say whatever they want to. They just make it so much harder for the good guys. And the bulllies, aren’t they a piece of work too? Made me smile all the more when I posted that video of the Russian girl who took her cell phone back from the thief…… These days it is difficult to know what to do when you bring a knife to a gun fight……too many are willing to shoot first and wait for questions later.

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