Talmadge & Mage’s New Hip

Captain’s Log   5,648

Good pal Mage had her hip replaced yesterday and she is doing well.  I know some of you read her, and this is the “official” report.  She was in surgery about 2 hours but they were able to make her legs the same length –  and her new hip joint is nice and smooth.  According to Geezer (hub unit), she was awake but groggy yesterday afternoon.  Today she will sprint around the racetrack.  I am planning to visit her after the big picnic tomorrow.  I spent time with Mage and Geezer earlier in the week as kind of a good luck energy time.  Love those two.  They always make me laugh.

It was too hot to set to writing immediately after work last night, so I took Sally out on a little adventure so the house could cool down.  She has been fascinated with the idea of…..geocaching!  She warmed up finding two that I had already hidden for Highway 80.  Then, we set off to find a real one.  She was good.  She spotted it very quickly.  And these are hard to spot.  They are called nano caches.


Teeny weenie chili beanie

The hard part about these is getting the log book to fit back inside when you are finished writing.  The trick is to put the wound up paper into the lid first.  Otherwise……..such a tiny thing can cause a lot of trouble for you.

It was in a lovely spot too.  Called the Gates of Talmadge.   It is named after the Talmadge sisters (NormaNatalie and Constance), who were silent film stars.  In 1927, the Talmadge sisters opened the Talmadge Park real estate development, which contains streets named for each of them.

talmadge gates

Lovely, eh?

Houses in Talmadge cost a fortune.  A two-bedroom, one-bath averages about $550,000.  And the neighborhood borders on a really bad part of town.  Four blocks away from these gates is a drug war zone.

When I lived in Saint Paul (on Summit Avenue in a walk-out basement apartment), the drug wars started about three blocks away.  But we were always safe and secure.  I used to walk the dog at night, etc.  


Typical house on Summit Avenue – the longest avenue of restored turn of the century homes in the United States

What a difference a few blocks can make.

Off to the salt mines.  Last minute preparations for the picnic tomorrow and meeting with the auditor about the end of our fiscal year.  It’s always something.


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15 responses to “Talmadge & Mage’s New Hip

  1. poundheadhere

    I hope Mage recovers quickly and well. Replacement is a big surgery but the end result is virtually always worth it!

    We’re very privileged now to live in a comfortable part of the world – too far out to even rightly be called suburban and virtually no crime. That was the single biggest reason we opted for this community instead of another that was comparatively priced.

  2. So glad to hear the surgery was a success….If you would, please send me her mailing address so I can surprise her with a get-well card.

  3. Susanna

    The Talmadge sisters, movie stars, that’s cool information. I’m glad they didn’t do that dumb thing and name one of them Madge.

  4. Patty O'

    Congrats to Mage and LOVED your photos. Off to Montana tomorrow morning; back in a week and will catch up then.

  5. You, as the “official historian,” must give Mage our best wishes.

  6. Have a fun picnic and say Hello to Mage.

  7. maryz

    Hooray for bionic joints!

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