Show is Shaping Up

Captain’s Log   5,647

Oh such fun!  Working on a broadly-written show with HUGE characters.  I am most definitely in my element here.  The owner of the estate will look something like this.


Snobbish and full of himself

I love writing shows like this because I can write in characters based on people I don’t like very much.  Every one of my villains has been based on someone I actually know.  Heroes too, of course.  People always ask if I write myself into a show.  I guess I do, but it’s never intentional.  Hindsight usually shows that the character most like myself is the one who has the most to learn or the most to prove.  Interesting.

Anyway…..we have put this baby into gear and have an excellent start.  Auditions are in a few weeks so we need to have most of the show written.  We are exactly 1/4 finished (draft only).  Two acts with two scenes per act.  Simple.  Eight actors.  The trick is writing this as a totally ensemble piece.  Each character has the same “weight” in terms of importance, stage time, lines, etc.   

As we say in theatre……..there are no small roles, only small-minded actors.  Or at least I say that when someone bitches about the size of their role.  It’s like a wee-wee.  It’s what you do with it that matters.

Writing a show is part solitary and part group effort.  Unlike a book, we cannot know how it will work until we hear the words spoken.  Are they clustered right?  Can the actors say them clearly?  Does the dialogue sound like something people might actually say?  Is anyone too long-winded for people to follow?  Then, after all of that is figured out, it’s the director’s job to include the physical aspects that go along with the words.  Then comes tech – making it look its best on the stage.

And then we hope people come to see it. Hoo-Rah!

My day starts with buying $300 worth of picnic supplies at Costco.  We have the volunteer picnic on Saturday.  Gotta get lots of cool stuff like burgers, buns, veggie burgers, brats, cheeses, fixings, beverages, etc.  We have about 80 people on the list.  Should be a hoot.

Off to the adventures of the day!


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10 responses to “Show is Shaping Up

  1. poundheadhere

    I’m woefully behind and playing catch up; still thrilled to hear you’re working on a new play!!

  2. I know your creativeness is working overtime on this new play. Glad you have it to keep your mind busy on fun things. And a picnic, hoping for great weather for everyone!

  3. Do the words come out right when anyone says them? Ira Gershwin wrote about a song in which Gertrude Lawrence had to sing “I can wait for years…”

    And Gertrude said, “Why four years? Why not three or five?” Ira rewrote it to, “I can wait the years.” If you ever hear the song, now you’ll know why. 8)

  4. Patty O'

    SO glad it is going well. I also read yesterday’s message that had gone astray and am so sorry you had that horrid experience with Joshua. I will have some things to say after I have ruminated a bit…

  5. I am sure the show will be fun as will the picnic.

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