The World Awaits the New Royal

Captain’s Log     5,644

Can you say “leftovers?”  I don’t mind them.  In fact, I enjoy them when they taste good.  I ate a bunch of leftovers yesterday.  Mountains more.  Especially this stuff.

laughing cow cheeseInteresting cheese.  Really strange name.

There are lots of crackers too.  And beer.  I just might have another party featuring cheese, crackers, and beer.  I also have a bag of the best caramel/cheese popcorn I have eaten in my entire life!



I bought the bags at Costco, so they are enormous.  One down, one to go.  Sounds like a good night for some Texas Hold ‘Em poker, eh?  Charades might be more fun – especially with the theatre gang.  Oh, what fun!

But for the most part, my cooking experiments often go like this……..


But I am getting better!  At least I cook real potatoes now instead of instant!  One small step at a time.

So there is a huge fuss going on all over the world about the royal baby.  Let me check Google and see.  Okay, back.  Nothing yet.  I’m sure Kate is quite uncomfortable right about now.  I think they are quite sweet  by not wanting to know the gender.  Just like the good old days.  When we were thrilled with surprises.  

royal baby

This guy is ready.  It’s actually sweet to see him so excited.

We don’t have royals in this country.  We have people who would like to think they are royals.  In fact, some of them would wear crowns if they thought they could get away with it.  Just before I went to Amsterdam in May, the queen had abdicated her throne and the country had just crowned a new king and his Argentinian wife as queen.  The celebrations had been huge.  Anneke had taped the highlights so we could watch on television.  It was really quite stunning to see the ceremony.  It was also delightful to see thousands and thousands of people cheering and screaming and being so excited.  

When we took our trip to the countryside, we visited the palace where the royal garments were on display.  Very impressive.  We waited almost an hour in a heavy mist/almost rain just to see them.  It was quite an experience.  They handed out candy since we had been waiting so long.  Here in America, they would hand you a ticket for loitering.  Europeans are so much more sophisticated and charming.  Seriously.  Americans need to take lessons.

So I wish the best for Kate and William.  Not that I know him, but William seems like a fine young man with the tender qualities of his mother.  Kate seems down to earth and sweet.  I wish them well with their child and hope the world is a better place for this time of welcoming new life.

Duty calls.  I have a very busy week.  Meetings and more meetings and Free Tuesday as well.  Last July’s Free Tuesday brought almost 4,000 through the door.  Summertime in the park.  Free stuff.  Everybody come!


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21 responses to “The World Awaits the New Royal

  1. I’m with Daniel in this. I don’t wish them any harm but I’ve read enough history to know that ‘royal’ just means the descendants of the biggest thugs who grabbed the most of everything way back in the distant past and that our (UK) royal family is one of the greediest in the world, with ever more distant cousins living in unspeakable luxury off the ‘civil list’. They’re people, same as the rest of us – and I bet we’re a republic before this one gets a sniff at the throne. Your cooking chart is my cooking chart, with kebab instead of pizza xx

    • poolagirl

      The same could be said for any number of groups and families. Here too. The Romney family is classic. You think you will ditch the royals? Really???

  2. I also wish Prince William and Kate, his lovely wife, and their new baby boy the very best. They were born into this life style and have to put up with a huge amount of intrusion so I do hope they can enjoy their new little family without any more negativity.

  3. Yes, bravo to her for abdicating. Yes, I too am checking BBC for the new royal. 🙂

  4. Okay, I’m going to piss everybody off here, but I call ’em like a see ’em. I have a real problem with royalty. Why do these people deserve anymore respect than a homeless person sleeping next to a dumpster and sharing some food scraps with another homeless person? What gives them the right to parade around the globe, acting like they actually impact the world in a positive way?William and Kate spent 40 million dollars on their over-the-top wedding. Are we supposed to be impressed by this obscene atrocity? I would have really been impressed if they would have spent one million on the wedding and donated 39 million to a few worthy charities. I hope that their baby is happy and healthy, and also hope that as the child grows, he or she learns that giving is more important than receiving.

    • They have that right because the people want them to have it. If the people wanted to get rid of their royalty, they would. Countries that have royalty do that for a reason. Don’t blame William and Kate for this. They did not create it. Diana tried to change the scope of royalty and make it more about the people. Look where that got her. We are talking about two parents having a baby. That’s a wonderful thing no matter what the family.

      • Sorry, Poola, I’m not buying it. Do William and Kate have minds of their own? Are they handcuffed by their ancestry and tradition? Yes, they’re having a baby and that’s a beautiful thing. But their child is no more special than any other newborn–except that he or she is going to live in a 50,000 square foot castle and be pampered by a dozen servants. Regarding Diana, she did do some wonderful things to change the image of royalty, but her death had nothing to do with those efforts.

        • poolagirl

          I will have Anneke explain the concept of royalty to you when she is here in January. And no, William and Kate really don’t have much to say.

          • Don’t know who Annek is and no matter what the explanation, I doubt very much that it will impact my feelings. Sorry. On certain issues my position is immovable. And by the way, I have similar feelings about the Vatican. However, I am pleased that the new Pope is trying not to be treated like royalty. Maybe there is hope for the Catholic Church.

  5. Patty O'

    Today’s post is brilliant…and CHEWY!! The Laughing Cow. France’s very first processed cheese (Le Vache Qui Rie…which means, uh…The Laughing Cow.) It was introduced to this country by my Danish Friend, the marketing genius, who was also responsible for the introduction of Lego’s! I also LOVE your cooking chart, and agree about the new royal baby. And “royal garments”. In 1960 I visited a small monastery in the Austrian countryside. They had two treasures to show off, A golden goblet, just ONE of them, and a set of fabulous jewel-encrusted vestments that the Empress Maria Theresa and her ladies in waiting had made with their own hands fro her wedding gown. The vestments are used every year on Easter Sunday only. To place it in time, Maria Theresa was Marie Antoinette’s MOTHER. Wow.
    Thanks for starting my day BRILLIANTLY!

  6. Valerie

    Nicely said about William and Kate – it’s nice to see such a joyful event capturing the minds and thoughts of so many around the world. Your drawing – hilarious!

  7. Penny Tushingham

    Yes, for those who are making negative comments about the new royal, they need to remember that this is a young couple who are having their first child. They are no different than anyone else in the fact they are going through the stress and pain in Kate’s case to welcome a new life. Best to all three of them if you ask me.

    Pen Pen

  8. It goes without saying: you always wish the best for new parents, no matter who they are. These two seem to be personable and good at what they have to do; fine.

    I hated seeing Beatrix abdicate, just a little older than I. As any stamp collector could tell you, a lot of years went by since the last king; all the stamps in my album had pictures of the Queen. Queen Juliana wrote that her happiest years were those spent in Canada during WWII, where she was just another housewife.

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