Stay Calm and Watch Dexter

Captain’s Log  5,641

We’re getting there.  The white hat guys made some significant steps yesterday.  Again.  There was a fair amount of tension in the room, but I did not let it affect me.  For the first time in more than a year, I did not feel like throwing up in my mouth.  I actually ate some Chex Mix and drank a Diet Coke during the meeting.  Huge step for me.  When I am stressed or anxious, I cannot even look at food.

I felt free to be myself, say a few funny comments, give a report and feel accomplished instead of stupid, etc.  All sorts of good stuff.  The old adage is true.


Exactly what is happening

I was cordial but not friendly.  And when it was my turn to speak about wrongdoing and disrespect, I did not hold my tongue.  I made it very clear that there are ethical codes and moral standards that must be followed.  I did not set these codes.  They are written into law, and the law is serious business.

I felt so good I met Friend Pam for dinner and then home to watch Dexter (on demand).  Her child unit joined us for the creepy fun.  Great stuff.  All of it.  Dr. Vogel reminds me so much of my friend, Anneke.  Even her voice.  


Nice doctor cutting apart a brain

She is played by Charlotte Rampling, an accomplished English actress.  I looked her up on Google.  She is an Aquarius too.  No wonder I like her.

The theatre company is meeting tonight to discuss our next show.  I don’t want to spill the beans too much here, but it’s going to be quite funny.  Over the top funny.  Original piece.  This is exactly my soul needs.   I need a big dose of funny right now.  I am way overdue.


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13 responses to “Stay Calm and Watch Dexter

  1. poundheadhere

    Progress. Hang onto that progress.

  2. joan

    good on you. Cool!

  3. We missed you at Comic Con last night at the opening of Dexter in the big hall. G loves Dexter.

  4. Patty O'

    A big does of funny… I’ll drink to that!

  5. Let’s hear it for funny. And congrats on eating and drinking at the meeting! You are making progress….LOL…..Kill them with kindness and dazzle them with bullshit…..

  6. I am glad you have friends with a sense of humor. There are times when I need it. 8)

  7. Penny Tushingham

    Kill them with your success, your charm, your Witt and your smile. It will be hard to attack you with all those positive walls up!

    Pen Pen

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