I Am a Management Luddite

Captain’s Log   5,640

Spare me.  I had a meeting yesterday with a woman who said the mayor is being picked on by whining women who are seeking huge payouts from the city.  None of what they are saying about his unwanted sexual advances is true.  And when he said he thought they should remove their panties to be more comfortable at work, she said this.  She actually said……  “He probably told to them not to get their knickers in a knot.  Women are just too sensitive about things like this.”

She then went on to say that the American economy is suffering because women are not tough enough in the workplace.  Women take too much time to consider how the team is working or how people are feeling.  I was indirectly accused of being too soft on my team when I said I try very hard to learn every person’s communication style so we get more things done, etc.  She said everyone needs to conform to MY communication style.  Apparently, my personal check-in with everyone daily is also a complete waste of time.  And how dare I “allow” the folks at the ticket counter to give directions, explain parking, share which museums are free that day, explain the passport program for the museums, etc.  I was told we are there to make money, period.  No ticket transaction should ever take more than 45 seconds (even taking into consideration that 80% of our visitors are in the park for the first time and don’t really know where they are going).  And if we are “wasting time” with such frivolous customer service, we will never get ahead.

I told her that every single customer service manager in the park would fire any employee who refused to assist ANYONE with directions, information, etc.  We are all non-profit organizations with a mission to SERVE the public.  I don’t know why that’s so hard to understand.  I must be one of those ineffective females in power.  It’s my fault the world is in such shitty shape.  Sigh.  Maybe I should just go jump off a bridge now.

Just when I think we have evolved as a species, I realize how insignificant our movement has been.  Makes me tired.  Weary to the bone.


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13 responses to “I Am a Management Luddite

  1. poundheadhere

    The only thing sadder than the fact that this person probably believes this BS is that she’s probably in some position of power. Just reinforces that you can’t fix stupid.

  2. Patty O'

    Whomever she may be, I hope you can dump her. She does not deserve a single second more of your time.

  3. Sounds like this woman thinks we females need to give up our ideals and our personal thoughts and conform to the good old boys club as she must have done. Bet she doesn’t wear panties either….

  4. Where did this idiot come from? Can you send her back?

    When I worked for an organization that depended heavily on volunteer workers, the staff was taught that, in certain instances, it was proper and appropriate to “fire” volunteers. If nothing else, the reason could be, “does not play well with others.”

  5. Joel

    If a boss told her the things that the mayor was saying to his employees, she would be the first in line at an attorneys office.

  6. Penny Tushingham

    Oh please. This person needs to get a life. The problem with our world today is there is no customer service most of the time. People notice and remember when someone helps them out.

    Pen Pen

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