Driving Through Fire

Captain’s Log   5,637

Ended up traveling to the mountains after all yesterday.  It wasn’t my call since it wasn’t my birthday, so off we went.  The big fire was finally under control and there didn’t seem to be any problem.

Until the ride back down the mountain on the “safe” side.  This is what we saw just south of Ramona.  A young fire (actually a series of three) burning along the roadside and into the pastures.  It went up so fast!  At first glance it looked like a bonfire.  Within 30 seconds, it looked like this.

ramona fire

Scary stuff, these fires

It had just started and response teams were not there yet.  People were pulling off the road with coolers and whatever water they had to try putting them out.  There were horses in this pasture, and they were completely crazed by the fire.  We decided to move on and stay out of the way.  They closed the highway three cars behind us.  Not sure how we would have been re-directed since there is really only one way down the mountain unless you take the long route that puts you about 40 miles north of San Diego.  

Just down the road 25 minutes later there was another fire.  A bunch of stacked hay bales burned and spread about 15 acres.  I suspect arson in all of this.

Here are some shots from the Ramona online news about yesterday’s fires.

ramona firefighters

Fighting the blaze on the ground

heli drop

Helicopter response

plane drop

Fire plane drops retardant

So that was it in a nutshell.  Nice day in the mountains followed by a series of brush fires on the way home.  It’s always something.


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15 responses to “Driving Through Fire

  1. And a second viewing leads me to tell you to make your next career as a reporter. Those are really good shots,.

  2. Patty O'

    For future reference remember the main intersection of Main St. (67) and 10th (78). You can take the 78 north to the Safari Park and Escondido or go south on 10th, which turns into San Vicente Road, to the corner light where you turn right on Wildcat Canyon Road. That brings you out just behind Lakeside where you can whip onto the 67 again and join up with the 52 westward. Easy-Peasy. (There’s another way, too, but it is curvy, confusing, and not for the amateur Ramonan!) Since my elder son moved to Ramona I have learned all the tricks of getting in and out. I’d rather be a ballet dancer but its good to be knowledgeable about SOMETHING!

  3. The big fire in Carpenter Canyon here just got under control. We had a few drops of rain Friday; that helped. Now we can see the skyline again.

  4. Amazing shots. Great stuff. Stay cool today.

  5. I truly hope no one was so irresponsible as to toss a cigarette butt out in these conditions; unfortunately Joanie’s right, smokers rarely care what damage they do. It is by nature a selfish habit. Smokers rarely care who is damaged by their choices,

    Glad to hear you made it through safely, and here’s hoping the small fires were extinguished before they spread into truly dangerous territory.

  6. joanie

    How scary. Was this on Wildcat Canyon again? I’m sure we all remember the last fire castatrophe there. Could be some idiot simply throwing their cigarette out the car window. I see people doing that all the time and I want to ram them with my car it makes me so angry! (overkill) Keep your damn cigarettes in your car people! And also all your other trash!

  7. Scary! And what will the next rains do to that burned acreage?

    • poolagirl

      It’s hard to say what the rains will do. Probably cause some flooding, but then the grasses will recover and live another day.

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