Captain Poolie Rants About Facebook and Stuff

Captain’s Log   5,636

Let’s talk about Facebook, shall we?  It should not be an arena for people to shock and distress other people.  For those who are on my list, you should know who I am well enough to know that I was born with the following tattooed on my forehead.

liberal scum

That should have been my mark.  I am kidding about the tattoo part.  I don’t really like tattoos.  My preference to not like them here in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Thank you, Jesus.  Consequently, I don’t have one.  It took a huge amount of courage for me to get my pirate earrings in 1987…..but I digress……

In addition to this so-called philosophical “defect,” I was also gifted with a partial third set of teeth. That is a lovely condition called hyperdontia.  I had too many teeth and some people don’t have enough.  I just can’t win.  I guess I should be called a hyperdontic filthy hippie liberal scumball.  That’ll show them!  But I digress…….

I am amazed when Facebook “friends” flip out and act like you are Satan incarnate when you say something they clearly know you believe.   Why should that be so offensively shocking?  Everyone knows I am a vegetarian, and everyone knows I NEVER EVER EVER push that on my friends.  It’s a spiritual choice that cannot be made for anyone.  However, my home is my domain.  No meat stored, cooked, or eaten in my house.  My house.  My rules.  I don’t allow smoking of anything in my home.  I don’t allow illegal drugs of any sort in my home or anywhere on my property.  Once again, my house.  My rules.  I don’t allow firearms in my home either.  My house.  My rules.

The same is true for Facebook, and everyone knows that.  I will not support the NRA or the Republicans.  I will applaud legislation to give rights to everyone.  I think paying taxes is my civic duty to support my community.  I carry dollars in my car to give to homeless people at stoplights.  I never withhold helping them because I think they might buy drugs or alcohol.  Giving is not about what they do with the gift.  Giving is giving.  My spiritual home.  My rules.  If you don’t like that, keep your damn mouth shut or get out of my car.

I expect miracles and I see them happen every day.   Sometimes, I am on the receiving end.  Other times, I get to witness.  Either one is quite grand.

So when someone carries on like a fool because of something mild and almost tepid I say on Facebook (my Facebook, my editorial choices), I am surprised.    To me, that’s like being surprised when your dog comes home with a stick in its mouth.  It’s a DOG!  We all know that.  Dogs do dog things!  Filthy liberal hippie scumbags born with extra teeth usually behave like you think they will.   They say the things you expect them to say.  So when they do, why get mad?  Why act like they are surprising you?  What a crock of poo!

Truth be told, I am glad that person is gone.  I am not saying I want everyone to agree with me about everything, but I want to be respected for the choices I have made.  I want my moral code to matter.

So there.

I cannot think of anything else to say.


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31 responses to “Captain Poolie Rants About Facebook and Stuff

  1. Dear Commie Pinko Rat Liberal too many teeth scum, what a very nice rant. Bravo.

  2. joanie

    This is kind of personal, but as much opportunity as you and I have had for long conversations (whilst ((neener)) getting your hair colored) there have probably been many things that you might have said that I may not agree with and vice-versa. But we still love each other. That’s the way things SHOULD be. Even if we don’t always agree, I have IMMENSE respect for you because almost everything you say or do comes from a kind heart and not from hate or angst. How can that POSSIBLY be wrong? And what a dull world this would be if everyone was the same.

  3. Having a FB membership does nothing to imbue intelligence, respect, common sense or anything resembling civility. People are all too happy to display their ignorance and intolerance. If anything, FB is simply a venue to flaunt all of the above.

  4. I’m glad I found out about the potentially injurious extra teeth before we hooked up.

  5. goatbarnwitch

    Well put and deeply agreed with

  6. I think that’s why I get tired of FB so fast. Do I look? Sure; I have adult children on there, and I still want to know what they’re doing. (I found out that somebody spent a couple of months looking at it before deciding it was a colossal waste of time.)

    But I have also chosen to stop responding when people get defensive against my opinion and respond offensively. You don’t like my space, you leave. I’ve written that online a time or two.

    I’m glad you feel the same way. I don’t necessarily want to stand out in a crowd. 8)

  7. I hear you! You just can’t fix Stupid so it does no good at all to even try to have a civil conversation with those types of people…as we both know. I think most of us can agree to disagree from time to time without coming to blows…..

  8. Valerie

    A few months ago, a FB friend was ranting on a FB thread about gun control on my page. He was actually insulting some of my friends’ comments – didn’t even know who they were. One of his comments was particularly offensive and I deleted it – he was outraged! Said I was denying him his right to freedom of speech. I said that he was a guest on my FB page and I expected him to behave as if he were a guest in my home. If he started to insult my friends in my home, he would be asked to leave, and when he insults my friends on my FB page, he will be asked to leave. You want freedom of expression, put your thoughts on your own FB!

  9. maryz

    You go, Girl!!!!!
    (I love filthy liberal scum!)

  10. Holy crap! You’re on a roll! Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning? Seriously, I hear you loud and clear. Here’s something I do that you might want to consider. Instead of giving homeless or less fortunate people money, I keep a good supply of McDonald’s $5 gift cards in my car. This way, there’s a good chance they’ll use it for food. But the more enterprising people could also sell it to someone for $4 so they can buy booze or cigarettes. There’s no perfect plan.

  11. Ned

    If everybody believed the same things life would be so dull. I think that you need to have differences so that you can learn other viewpoints and try to understand where they are coming from.
    I have one friend whom I love dearly even though at times he exasperates and annoys, he is still my friend, but I wouldn’t attempt to alter him.

  12. People like that also go back to the same restaurant just because they got such lousy service the last time.

  13. Patty O'

    Nothing further needs to be said. You are right. Period.

  14. Penny Tushingham

    Some people have too much time on their hands. If they would take that negative energy and time and do something positive no matter how small it might be, wouldn’t this be a better place to live in. If you aren’t allowed your opinions and your rules, we would all be the same and that truly would be boring! You go Poola girl!
    Pen Pen

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