No Pit Bull in the Car

Captain’s Log  5,635

Yesterday’s meetings and speech went well.  Turns out I did NOT have to make the trip north with a pit bull in the car.  The fellow I was going with is moving to Oklahoma (where the wind comes sweeping down the plain) and he was looking for a home for Mason, the pit bull he rescued from the freeway last year.  As fate would have it, his mom decided to keep Mason.  All is well, and Mason and I did not have to share a ride.  I bless all mothers who decide to keep their sons’ pit bulls.

I was almost 100 degrees in the room where I had to speak and people had already been listening to other speakers for well over half an hour.  That’s a tough challenge.  I was addressing a room of Corvette nuts.  I started by saying, “I drive a Mazda 3 with absolutely nothing cooler than the CD changer.”  That broke the ice (even though there really wasn’t any ice to be found in heat like that).  When I told them I can drive a stick shift, they oohed and aahed like it was the 4th of July.  I swear, I will do just about anything to get a room full of hot Corvette nuts to laugh.

The fires are more contained but the damage has been sad.  Certain places on the mountain that have withstood fires for more than 80 years were lost this time.  I guess everything and everyone has a number, and when it’s up, it’s up.  People heal and move on, the the moment of pain is so acute and wrenching.

chariot fire 2

Really tough image

As much as I think having a cabin in the mountains here would be cool, the threat of fire is just too scary for me.  I have decided to live closer to amenities like police and fire departments.  I have had several friends lose absolutely everything in fires.  Yes, they bounce back, but I cannot see putting myself at risk like that.

We won’t be going to the mountains for a birthday celebration on Saturday.  Looks like we will be heading to San Juan Capistrano instead.  The mission where the famous swallows return every March 19th.


Mission San Juan Capistrano

Should be a fun trip.  I haven’t been there in years.  Looking forward to it!


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17 responses to “No Pit Bull in the Car

  1. I wouldn’t want a cabin in the middle of nowhere but WOULD like a house in the mountains. One preferably near a fire station and a library!

  2. Yes, those lost camp grounds will be a terrible loss. Glad you are going somewhere special on the coast. Tripple glad you were able to make all those Corvette owners laugh….or was that Corvair. I’m laughing too. Gee, I drive a five on the floor…so what more could any one want.

    Thanks for all your kind worlds. All three bunches of kindness came through just find and left me wee[y. 🙂

  3. Joel

    The secret to time in the mountains is rent or own an RV to camp there, but not stay there all the time.

  4. I hope some of the swallows show up just for you. Glad the fires are being contained ~ but so sad for all the loss for the people in the area. Not to mention how hard the firefighters are working to keep the fires under control.

  5. Ter

    I can highly recommend our mountains: It’s a bit of a hike for you (ha!) but no fires. We have lots of black flies though :-/

  6. Patty O'

    I’m impressed you know the date for the swallows. March 19th is my late mother’s birthday. As a kid I used to get extra credit for knowing that it was Swalow Day. Shucks, Teacher, it was EASY. But I never said WHY it was easy. That is also St. Joseph’s Day, evidently the celebration of the patron saint of superfluous husbands? Say HI to San Juan Capistrano for me! (Extra credit if you can tell me who HE was!)

    • poolagirl

      He was Saint John of Capistrano (Italian). He became a Franciscan priest.

      • Patty O'

        Atta Girl! There is a statue of him high in a niche on the back side of the Cathedral in Vienna. He was evidently a Warrior Monk who led peasants in a rebellion against ??? It would seem he was on the side of the Austrians, so he must have come from a far northern part of the Italian countryside where there were centuries of dissention regarding who owned which parts of the mountains. I was never able to get a good answer and the Calendar of Saints is silent… Ah well, you and I remember him!

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