Obeah, Oblada

Captain’s Log  5,633

I am an avid Words With Friends player.  And I don’t cheat.   But lots of people do.  You can go to various websites where you put in your letters and magically some sort of weird word appears.  There are other sorts of crossword games out there and I know people cheat on those too.

I play with someone who consistently beats me by hundreds of points.  I am not the best player in the world, but I am not shabby either.  But how can I win when the weirdest words in the world get put down on the board?

This morning, it was the word OBEAH.  Obeah?  What the hell?  Yesterday, it was EGESTED.  Come on!   How many people actually know words like this?

So here’s the game.  Do NOT look up the definition of OBEAH.  If you really know what it means, you cannot play.  For the rest of the world, make up a definition and then use it in a sentence.  For example:

Obeah (from Old English “ohbeeasicksoon” ) – watery substance that forms inside your mouth before you vomit.  “With the crescendo of obeah flooding his entire face, Jacob realized he should have eaten his bacon ice cream after the roller coaster ride.”

If you prefer, you can define EGESTED.

Egested (from ancient Welsh “eggerstand”) –  shell remnants that stick to stucco after teenagers vandalize your house on Halloween.  “Fucking kids!  We need to power wash the damn house now to get that egested crap off the walls.  Either that or we paint.”

I think it’s a fun day for words.  It’s always a fun day for words.

There was a Cooper’s hawk sitting on top of the bird feeder today.  Yesterday, he was hiding under some palm fronds.  Either way, he is going to have brunch.


My nice clean windows still look nice, but Miss Terri was right.  A dove flew over and SPLATTED all over the place.  I was so angry my obeah started to rise.  



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23 responses to “Obeah, Oblada

  1. I don’t play WWF but do play another type of word game. I don’t cheat – don’t have the time or energy even if it weren’t a matter of personal pride – but I definitely try to create random stuff based on available letters. I’m always surprised by what’s accepted, lol.

  2. jane

    I play it under my geocaching name and i don’t cheat! I do get lucky with the odd word that I put down with no idea what it is and it’s accepted!

  3. maryz

    Forgot to mention your hawk. Aren’t they wonderful!!! We have had red-tailed hawks nesting in the tiny woods behind our house for a number of years now. We saw the nest-building and nest-sitting one year, but the leaves sprouted on the trees just about the time the babies hatched. So we just heard them. And we still do. 8^)

  4. maryz

    I know what obeah is. I didn’t know about the cheating sites. I do plead guilty of trying various letter combinations to see if I can find some word that WWF will consider acceptable. I know of several perfectly good words (“chink” and “fag” for example) that WWF does NOT accept. Go figure!

  5. bholles

    I dont like people who cheat either. Rather have an even game going.

  6. Patty O'

    Ha! I know BOTH words! I have been a Word Fanatic all my life and adore poking about in dictionaries just for the FUN of it. My father never cut me any slack just because I was a kid, used big words and when questioned always said, “Look it up!”. I did…and developed a life-long habit, Insatiable Verbivore!!! P.S. LOVE the photo of the Coopie!

  7. (I won’t read anyone else’s comments in case they prejudice mine.)

    Egested: Eee-gest-ed, The mother bird egested food for her baby birds directly into their mouths.

    Now can I go look it up, can I, can I……

  8. Cheating only proves the cheater isn’t smart enough to figure out the words himself. I enjoy the games when ~ sometimes I win and sometimes I don’t.

    OBEAH ~ the aftertaste of inhaling hair spray at the salon when you are getting your hair done (no offense intended, Joanie Extraordinaire!)

    Once again, she took a deep breath to speak just as her stylist pushed on the hair spray button to make the erratic curl behave.

    EGESTED ~ when you want to vomit in your mouth after receiving an e-mail calling you out for something you should not have done.

    He egested heavily after she discovered and confronted him in an e-mail about his error in cheating in their relationship.

  9. I can’t play with you. I do know what an obeah is, and I would hope that no bird egests something on your window (the other kind of splatter is bad enough).
    Did you ever read my post where I said, “No one likes a smarty”? It took too long for me to meet smart people, so I had to do it by myself. I am quite annoying.

  10. Penny Tushingham

    Miss playing WWF with you but am playing Scrabble with random people. Guy started a game with Bronzsers and got like 174 points. I was doomed to loose that game. Not sure I spelled it right but he did and got lots of start up points.

    Pen Pen

    • poolagirl

      I admire people who can play like that (without cheating), but it can cut down on the fun.

      • LA and I have been playing scrabble for about five years and it’s brilliant when you’re evenly matched. There are always runs though, when it seems that for game after game you get nothing but consonants, or nothing with a score above one, or the opposite – the chance to put quizzes across two multiple word scores but we play three games at once so it evens out. I love it. I recognised both those words but wouldn’t have had a clue what they meant. Cheating just spoils it

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