Too Much Action For a Sunday

Captain’s Log  5,632

I woke up this morning and stared out the dirty window in my office.  Bad idea.  I was up on the ladder with a bucket of soapy water, the squeegee thing, and towels by around 7:30.  What a difference five minutes of work can do.  The window looks great!  So I did the next one.  And then the patio doors.  And then another window.  And another window.  

No more Windex on outside windows for me!  Soapy water and that squeegee thing from now on.  Have you ever seen a professional window washer use Windex?  No, I didn’t think so.  It’s fine for light cleaning on the INSIDE of the house, but from now on….soapy water on the outside.  It’s amazing to be alive 61 years and just now learning this.

The birds were doing a fine imitation of Wild Kingdom, so I decided to sit in my “duck blind” and wait for some good shots.  My “duck blind” is the patio table.  And no, I don’t hide under it.  I sit there and try to become one with the furniture.  And I don’t make those awful duck calls either.  I sit there silently and hope for a good shot with the telephoto setting on the camera.


Nom nom!  They love the new feeder Friend Pam brought over the other night.  It’s large enough to hold a lot of birds.  They still fight for space but not constantly.

That was it for birds.  Photos of birds can only entertain me for so long.  


Nice succulent that decided to bloom.


Back garden is starting to really take off.  This was reduced to just dirt patches when the previous gardener scalped the lawn.  New gardener and I cooked up this plan and I like it a lot!


It wouldn’t be a journal entry without a picture of a rose.  They are truly amazing.  And I do absolutely ZERO to them.  No insect stuff, no fertilizer.  Nothing but water and the kiss of the sun. 

I washed my throw rugs last night and the fringe edges got all goofy and tangled.  I spent about an hour with a small paring knife making them look pretty again.  Now I am watching the bees pollinate the lemon blossoms.  I tell ya, life in the big city is truly exciting.  To add an additional thrill, I plan to make solar tea later. Not sure if all this activity is good for me.


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19 responses to “Too Much Action For a Sunday

  1. Charlotte Bolinger

    Spectacular Rose Photo!

  2. Patty O'

    What a wonderful, happy, heartening post! My 2 cents on the cleaning: when I had my shop I used only plain ol’ cheap alcohol, the cheapest possible of the don’t-drink-me sort. It was clean, had NO nasty chemicals in it, left no streaks, and the odor dissipated immediately. 50: 50 with water for windows and most displays, straight for crystal and stemware. The only exception was wooden trays, which benefited from a swift swipe with a bit of lemon oil. The best part? The alcohol was so much cheaper than ANY commercial cleaner. Second best? I am very sensitive to chemicals, and it didn’t bother me one bit. Or my customers, which was more important.

  3. Speaking as your “work-her-way=through-college-as-a-custodian” here, Use vinegar and water. Go buy a thingy with a soft lambswool piece and longer handle. wet that and scrub the window with it. then use the squeegee. You are welcome. Marvelous rose. Beautiful yard. Delightful birds. I’m a gonner with the beauty.

  4. I’ll keep your window-washing tips in mind. I don’t wash them inside OR out – G does. Still, it’ll make him happier to know it’s that (relatively) easy. We have our squeegee buried somewhere in the deep dark, lol.

    The birds are divine. So is the rest of your yard. Your yard is what ours should be when it grows up. I’d blame it on the fact that we’re in a fairly new subdivision but since yours was all done in the past few months, my excuses don’t wash!

  5. I use (blue) Dawn with vinegar to clean my sinks, tub and so forth. I know it would work on windows too. I expect you are finding your ZEN when you clean up and get your outdoor space all natural. Then, there IS that spray of Febreze on occasion….

  6. Penny Tushingham

    They say mixing the windshield stuff ou use in your car with water works really good as well!

    Pen Pen

  7. joanie

    Dawn is quite your go-to product, isn’t it? I remember it working well for “snot” in your hair. also. .Gonna try it on my sliding glass doors.

  8. Valerie

    Wow! Charlie is so jeaous of all the birds!!! Although he attracts birds on his feeders, the squirrels chase them away – he’s been doing battle with the little critters for weeks now – on the losing side, sadly.

    • poolagirl

      Set out something for the squirrels to eat – far away from your feeders. Unshelled corn nailed to a board, etc. They prefer that over bird seed. At least I think they do. LOL! Good luck to Charlie!

  9. My mom always used “sudsy ammonia”. What concoction do you use, ’cause I’ve been using the windex.

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