Happy Bird Day Mercka

Captain’s Log  5,630

Voice to text. Try the fucking Lala.

Design build the words to text banking. Gus is up forward to July. Happy birthday Mark in meerkats. Inventory of my time do not.

Hey Brooke lost mean and it was fun. And eggs. How much does Wolfle cost when you really think about the ingredients? Being press tomorrow June.

Came back my Lei house and get some straighten up puffy thing. Cozying there now when you’re puffy thing might need straighten up.

Grateful for my steam thing. I’ll keep on the cool. Cotton they Cricker Boomer. Chris Funai marriages like crazy you know it and not still. Austrian truckers not one of my faves. Too much Awhila.

Pomona sure looks nothing normal. All blue and shit. Next door Nybro to my love Bush. That sounds nasty. One to say huge. Huge huge. Hedge. I hate this fucking phone. Not only on occasion.

Need some breast pasta clean mop bucket. That is not what I said. Looking for brass polish. Ass hat phone.

Time ago I did hear the roses. Cut their heads off.


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12 responses to “Happy Bird Day Mercka

  1. Singing lawnmowers hate this third edit.

  2. Do you really “hate this fucking phone”? ‘Cos I think it’s hysterical.

  3. Patty O'

    My puffy thing fine. Please send Austrian trucker.

  4. I think this is my favorite:
    “Cotton they Cricker Boomer. Chris Funai marriages like crazy you know it and not still.”

    I have no idea what you meant in English, but I still love it.

    And I still say it’s a long commute for me to do the puffy things.

    • poolagirl

      Cricker Boomer was an attempt to say “cracker boomer” as in fireworks. No idea what the rest meant.

  5. I may borrow that for the next time someone tries to sell me a smart phone. I’ll take my dumb phone anytime for calling. Everything else goes via computer — big heavy desktop, in the privacy of my own room. 8)

  6. No, you DID say breast pasta. I heard you. Oh wait – that was me. Never mind.

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