Nancy Drew is Bagged

Captain’s Log   5,626

Woot!  My creative partner and I got together yesterday and started working on our new “project.”  It’s way too soon to share.  In fact, there might not be any real sharing for at least a year.  Intellectual property and all that jazz.

But before we sat down to work, she gave me this!

nancy drew bag

All is right with the world when you have a Nancy Drew bag to hold all your stuff.

It’s hot here at the Casa de Pirate.  I have all the ceiling fans going, windows and doors open, etc.  I just need to buy some popsicles.  It got up to 96 degrees in my office yesterday because of the blazing afternoon sun.  Gah!

I am getting quite excited about the housewarming party.  I honestly thought maybe 10-12 people.  I am now up to almost 80!  Holy RSVP, Batman!  I want to make fruit skewers.  That is a lot of stabbing.  I am also going to the restaurant supply place or perhaps Smart & Final (Fart & Smile) to get some trays and stuff.  So much to think about.

Off for a day of working and errands with Big Sister Mia.


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25 responses to “Nancy Drew is Bagged

  1. I think you should buy travel-size containers of Febreze and give them out as party favors.

  2. Now you know the awful truth….you are not only loved, but you need to buy an air conditioner.

  3. I absolutely agree that everyone should know who the backstabbers are and what they say. I just opted out of a conversation about whether or not a conscience is important and whether they should think twice.

    Besides, there are people currently nameless who don’t understand *who* they’re dealing with. Go get ’em, girl!

  4. Maryz

    When is your party? It’ll be an interesting for the febreeze/Lysol lady.

    I love the idea of ” outing” your phonecallers.

  5. I agree that the fruit options should be up to your guests. It also makes things allergy safe, just in case!

    I’m sorry to hear you’re sweltering in the heat. It’s miserably hot here this year too. I hope this isn’t a harbinger of things to come…

    • poolagirl

      I have no air conditioning. Whaaaa!

      • I know and I’m sorry. It sucketh bigtime. As soon as you can afford it, consider investing in a window AC for your bedroom, at least. It’s too expensive to keep it running long term, but for it’s very much worth it for the handful of searing days you guys have in SD. Sears carries models that start under $200, and they carry comparable units at Home Depot or Lowes. I think even Best Buy has AC units – at least they do in this part of the world.

  6. Have an idea. Put plenty of fruit varieties in nice bowls along side of the skewers and let everyone make their own fruit goodness on a stick. You could also have some silly thing to stick on the skewers like gummy worms, marshmallows, and other soft candy….but NO CHOCOLATE!
    I hope at the next board meeting, you mention the ones who called you at home and said nasty things….put them on the spot so everyone knows how they behave when they don’t get their way.

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