Time is On My Side

Captain’s Log   5,622

I am on fire with another idea.  Huge fire.  But I need to take the steps necessary to do it right.  I know that time is my friend here, not my enemy.  That’s a hard concept for me to grasp.

Time is on my side

My new friend

My mind is going in a million directions right now.  It’s too soon to share much.  I have several others involved with the planning and execution of this concept.  There are times when trust is essential to success.

Getting ready to fly now.


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20 responses to “Time is On My Side

  1. WordPress must be having issues this morning. Let’s try again…

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  2. Patience isn’t always easy, but it often helps you work things out. I know you can.

  3. Good luck. I hope you have found some trustworthy people this time.

  4. Patty O'

    Ever onward and upward!

  5. maryz

    You’re such a tease!

  6. Penny Tushingham

    What ever you plan will be worth the weight of time!

    Pen Pen

  7. bholles

    Cant wait to hear about this one.

  8. I know you can do it, whatever it is.

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