The Show and Party Are Over

Captain’s Log   5,620

It was a SMASHING SUCCESS!  And we had so much fun!  The audience was a lot hotter (more responsive) on Friday night, but the Saturday performance was also quite fine.  When the audience gives back energy, it’s a lot easier for performers to work.  Sally and I knew we had to slam dunk our piece last night, and we did.  I think it was the strongest we have ever performed together.

Funny how the folks who were skeptical about our piece at first (when the show was being planned) are now lining up to work on another one with us.  We are considering The Sound of Music in 10 Minutes.  What people fail to understand is that stuff like this is only really funny when you have two people trying to do the whole show.  All the parts.  Oh dear.

The cast party was a hit!  All but one cast member showed up.  We had some young kids from the local college in the cast, and even they came and spent a few hours with us oldsters.  I bought WAY too much food and drink.  But hey.  If I put cheese on absolutely everything I eat for the next month I should be fine.

One of my friends (who had no driving responsibilities because her hub-equivalent unit was out in the woods doing something manly with his pals) spent the night on my sofa.  The party broke up around 12:30 or 1:00 and we yammered on until around 2:00, plotting and planning what to do next.  When I staggered out into the kitchen around 8:00 this morning, she had already washed up most of the dishes.  We drank lots of coffee and ate some breakfast before she headed off into the manly woods to rescue her unit.

Febreze Lady was yelling at us over the fence as we drank our coffee.  Yelling at us about smoking.  Nobody was smoking.  So she sprayed Lysol over the fence at us.  She must have run out of Febreze.  Poor thing.  To be so damn nuts.

I like my new pink tub.  It held just the right amount of ice.

pink tub

Also makes a fetching bucket hat, eh?

Febreze Lady has no issues at all with me dancing around on the patio with a large pink tub on my head, but talking with friends over coffee?????  Watch out!  Lysol!   Incoming!

Friend Pam is coming over this afternoon to watch Nik Wallenda walk across the Grand Canyon on a wire.  And eat some cheese.  At least I hope we eat some cheese.


Idiocy personified


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17 responses to “The Show and Party Are Over

  1. Sounds like it all was a great success and you got practice for the Open House next month….will the cheese still be available? I’m so glad you had a fab time too.

  2. I heard you can brush your teeth with cheese.

    not really

  3. Then he kissed the earth.

    Yup, it was a success. Yup, you can sing, have presence, and are a winner. You are even better as a comedian. Your timing is flawless. We loved it all.

  4. jo

    I laughed at the idiot personified. the smat phone screen stopped. short of your comment then I scrolled down and burst out laughing

  5. joanie

    So happy for your sucessful two-night run. Lauren and I had such a good time. Lots of laughter and a couple of very touching moments too that made us cry. Just watched Wallenda walk over the Grand Canyon! Crazy !

  6. Hooray for a successful show. I’m so glad you had another moment in the spotlight. Can’t think of anyone who deserves (or enjoys) it more!

    As to the leftover cheese, if it’s copious quantities (neener!) there’s always a cheese grater and freezer.

  7. Patty O'

    There is nothing so much fun in the kitchen as leftover cheese! After my annual open house events, now defunct, I always had extra cheese. It led to some creative cookery and always ended with the very tail end of: a bit of creamy bleu, some jalapeno jack, some Jarlsberg, some smoked gouda, a bit of cheddar, a lump of brie. It ALL went into one final batch of mac n’ cheese that delighted the children. There was never any possibility of duplicating it, so come and savor and sigh. One week later I would have the desire to make something new and there would never be ANY cheese left in the house. Go figure.

    Congrats on the successful show. Atta girl! Atta everyone! Onward and upward. As for the Lysol Lady (much more euphonious) at least she’s no longer spraying toxic gunk!

  8. bholles

    It was a good show. You were hot.

  9. Maryz

    Glad that the show and party went well! When’s the next one?

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