Handyman (woman)

Captain’s Log  5618

And then I went to rehearsal!  YAY!  It is the saving grace of my existence right now.  When I got there, they were putting together the final touches of the set.  I was asked to screw some handles into the black boxes.  I glanced at the two electric drills being presented to me, and I agreed.

I have never used an electric drill in my life!  But I did it.  That’s how I get wound up in most things.  I just do it.  I act confident and I do it.

poolie with drill

I must be insane!  I kind of look insane, eh?

Anyway, it was fun.  The guy who showed me how to install the handles had a tape measure, pencils, and all sorts of manly things to do the job perfectly.  The moment he left, I just eyeballed the box and screwed in the handles.  If I was building a HOUSE, I might measure stuff.  But stupid drag handles on a black theatre box?  Eyeballing was fine.  At least to me.

And then I held the ladder for the lighting installer.  That is a very important job because you get to stand right under a 25 pound light that would knock you senseless if it fell off the pipe.  Another moment of danger.  I love living on the edge like this.

We had a sort of great rehearsal.  We have a preview audience coming tonight.  They get to see all our warts and blemishes as we plod through our final dress rehearsal.  And then…..it’s tomorrow!  Opening night!  I get to leave work in four hours!  Yay!

What can I do to make the time fly?


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15 responses to “Handyman (woman)

  1. joanie

    When I first glanced at the photo I thought it was Patty Hearst robbing another bank!

  2. poundheadhere

    Just doing it is the rule of life. It separates the leaders from the sheeple. Most people are afraid to move without someone telling them what exactly to do; it’s those who go ahead regardless who make the world move. (And not just in the theater world.) Do you think Martin Luther King had someone tell him to march? Or Ghandi had a blueprint on how to stage those demonstrations? It’s about doing, winging it, and having faith it’s the right thing.

    Of course stage props may not be on the same plane as peacemakers’ efforts, but the principle is absolutely the same.

  3. goatbarnwitch

    I love just jumping off the cliff and doing something – it is sort of like the first drop on a roller coaster, both horrifying and exciting at the same time and then when you are done you feel all special for having pulled it off. Go power tools!!! I hope the final dress rehearsal is a blast!

  4. Patty O'

    Break a leg tonight!

  5. Install drag handles on the boxes of stuff you have at the big job so you can get out quickly when the time is right…….Good luck with the rehearsal show tonight.

  6. Penny Tushingham

    Glad you survived handyman 101!

    Pen Pen

  7. I don’t even cut my toenails without measuring first. Knowing me, I would wind up with bloody stumps.

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