Mewling Cry in the Wilderness

Captain’s Log   5,617

What a difference a day makes.  My little mewling voice (all that’s left of it)  in the wilderness was heard.  With the strength I had left, I pounded out one final desperate email, throwing all caution to the wind and spilling my guts on Friday.  Apparently, it worked.  The Confederacy is about to handle itself with decency in a particularly troubling matter.   Over the last month, the problem has become even bigger than ever imagined, and the players have changed dramatically.  The guys in the white hats have now realized their power, and they are taking up arms against the brigands who were set on destruction. Yes, it’s plural now.  Two deceitful brigands.  Traitors to the cause.  

War has been declared.  I get to sit back and watch.  And draw up a contract for any future engagements with this bunch.

I have more friends that I thought.  

No nightmares last night.  In fact, I slept quite well (for me).  I was only up puttering around at my usual 2:30 AM time.  I fell back to sleep quickly and woke up to the sound of mourning doves outside the front window.    Part of it was the release of stress yesterday and the fact that we had a rather grueling three-hour rehearsal.  It was all good.

Speaking of good, I just love reading different journals and blogs.  I subscribe to about 30, and some of the writing is very clever and fine.  Here are some favorite “gems” dropped over the last few days.

I can say the word “puppies” without bursting into tears.

Better yet, the bridge wasn’t booby trapped.

I anticipate much spilling of blood.

Jesus freaking horatio hornblower christ on a cracker!

I firmly believe any man who loses more weight that his wife, without really trying, is an arsehole of the finest order.

I dreamed I was wearing a bacon dress.

Could the Republican party grow a pair and clean their house so this country can finally get back on track?

He’s the patron saint of lacemakers.

Gives me so much joy.  If you see something you wrote here, thanks to you for making me laugh. You make my morning!


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14 responses to “Mewling Cry in the Wilderness

  1. I believe I recognize all but one or two of those. Thank heavens for our friends, whatever their origin!

  2. 1. You’re welcome.
    2. I’m glad everything came together better.

  3. Glad the nightmares didn’t visit. You have tons of supporters…the two of us who don’t count among them. I love the bacon dress and was thinking just like Mia. 🙂

  4. Patty O'

    Patron Saint of Lacemakers. Love it! He must be very detailed-oriented and capable of remember many complicated things almost automatically…like lacemakers, for instance.

  5. I did recognize a few of those quotes……Glad to hear that there might be some Lone Rangers wearing white hats in your midst. I hope they don’t fall off their charging horses….

  6. Not of mine, but I recognize some. “I get by with a little help from my friends.” Right?

  7. Mia

    I dreamed I was wearing a bacon dress is my favorite. Maybe she was at the Del Fair?

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