Drayonslayers 1, Dunces 0

Captain’s Log   5,611

Not everyone was a dunce yesterday.  There were a few of these among the crowd.


Slay that dragon!

Not sure what it all means right now.  I am way too cautious……. I have such an enormous lack of trust that I don’t have any expectations at all.  None.


I think this is what really happened.

The game was stacked against the good guys, but they did prevail in yesterday’s battle.  But this is far from over.  

Greed is a funny thing.  It changes people.  It makes them devour their own young.  Throw their own mothers under the train.  Right now, I find myself flying above the mess on a cloud of apathy.  I used to be angry and upset.  Now, I just shrug and say, “Whatever.”  When the fight inside your heart abandons you, it’s hard to get it back.  I need to pick up a banner for someone or something else and wave it.

I have rehearsal tonight.  That is a good thing.  It keeps me actively engaged with people who are kind and good.  With people who understand the mission of service to others.


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14 responses to “Drayonslayers 1, Dunces 0

  1. Hey you can borrow my hip waders as the shit gets deeper- I also have a big shovel to make a pass you can get through the ship when it gets really bad. And hey how you know I was a dragon slayer?:) xoxox

  2. Patty O'

    It has become increasingly obvious that those folks don’t deserve you. Not your talent, not your work ethic, not your administrative abilities. I think your “whatever” is a fine stance to take right now. Grrrr….

  3. Left a comment on previous blog. I expect you will find a new crusade very soon and be ready for action again. Fie on those wicked scoundrels who can’t see beyond their own very big heads!

  4. endeaVours – oops. Maybe it’s the Spanish influence – b, v, what’s the difference?

  5. I think major improvements to the world would flow freely if only we could pathologise greed and get those who suffer from it to have some kind of treatment or failing that, lock the buggers up. Good luck with your endeabours xxx

  6. Penny Tushingham

    Mailed you a present yesterday. Actually, it might be a present for Heinous!

    Pen Pen

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