Mia Breaks the Mold

Captain’s Log   5,609

Yesterday was sweetly wonderful.  Started off with breakfast at the Naked Cafe with Mage, George, and Big Sister Mia.    Mia had about 100 books she wanted to donate to the American Cancer Society store where Mage is the “Book Lady.”  

I was so very proud of Mia.  Food at the Naked is a bit off the beaten track.  She is known as Ham Girl (as evidenced in the photo below).


Ham Girl!

The Naked doesn’t serve food like this.  For example, I had the artichoke scramble.

artichoke scrambler

Not exactly ham

Mage and Mia had a grand time talking about books.  Mia even shared her “to buy” list.  She also explained how books must be read IN ORDER of purchase.  When Mage said she organizes her own books by author, Mia almost fainted.  Way beyond her comfort zone.  There must be order!  Order!

Mia and I then headed off to her favorite bookstore where she started the arduous task of replacing the books she had just donated.   Not the same books.  Different books.  Oh, never mind.

poolie and mia MG

Two points for Mia for actually looking at the camera and not making Grimace Face

It’s a busy week.  I have two grants to present (one today and one tomorrow), a newsletter to write and produce, about 7-8 meetings, two rehearsals, a speech to give at the La Mesa Women’s Club on Friday night at 7:30 (who on earth schedules a meeting with a guest speaker at 7:30 on Friday night???).  And so much more.  Oh, I forgot about the graduations and birthday party.  I am going to try to squeak in a little geocaching this afternoon after the first grant presentation.


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18 responses to “Mia Breaks the Mold

  1. To quote Charlotte’s Web, “That’s some pig.”

  2. I’m afraid my system is to peruse the books I have bought over time – but forgotten which I’ve read. My method is to sort through the stack until I’ve found one or two I’m reasonably sure I haven’t read. That’s a system, isn’t it?

  3. I forgot to comment on that ham. How much of that did she eat? Mother used to cook those, and we each would get a piece.

    Did you tell her that all books are are not only by author, but alphabetized? Except the new ones, of course. LOL

  4. Valerie

    When I read something like your post, I wish all over again that I had a sister…thankfully I have a sister of my heart.

  5. When we moved into the downsizer, I organized all my books and my DVDS and CDS by author or singer name in alphabetical order. However, when I borrow from the library, I put them on a shelf based on which ones I want to read first but sometimes I have a change of mind and read them out of my order! Poor Mia, I have probably caused her to have a migraine headache with that news. And I have about 600 books on my “to read” list and another 500 on my Kindle. so many books ~ so little time.
    Loved the post about Janny. I’ve been told that one of our great-greats was an officer in Hitler’s Army. He was from Prussia or Russia (probably was a Jew…) His last name was von Vietinghoff (my father’s side)

  6. Edie

    How does Mia remember what books she has read? I’m curious to know if she has a special system for that.

  7. Patty O'

    I am dwelling on Mia’s insistence on ORDER in the books. My library would drive her mad. Classics alphabetically arranged. Areas otherwise by subject, with the largest being “Miscellaneous”. And cookbooks. Why EVERYWHERE, of course!

  8. maryz

    Sounds like a killer week! Survival mode time.

    I thought Mia MADE the mold. Guess it’s time for a new one.

  9. You both are just adorable. Your artichoke scramble looks amazing and very delicious. How did they prepare it?

    The photo of your sister is just perfect and you’re right she’s not grimacing:)

    You’re a great sister and a lovely friend.

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